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  • Team members


  • Hide channels / show channels

  • Use shortcuts (press: "ctrl + .")

  • Individualize notifications options

  • Use editing mode, when creating Threads

    • 1️⃣ Click on "New conversation" to open a new Thread

    • 2️⃣ click on the "A" with the pencil to open editing mode

    • 3️⃣ then you have all editing options (➡ use subject = Default)

  • Use the bookmark/save option to save important messages

  • Use the mark as unread option to get back to messages at a later time

  • Install the power automate app for following up/getting reminders about messages

    🟨❌ MS-Teams: Follow up using power automate
  • Use the link https://myapps.microsoft.com/ to access all the Microsoft apps, some of which can be commonly used with Teams.

  • You can have headings in your answers when replying to the threads on Teams. To change the format to headings in your reply, press hashtag twice ##


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