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  • everyone interested in joining the Intuition-Academy (Int-A)

  • everyone involved in creating the PPF

What is the Intuition-Academy?

In short:
A place to learn recognizing (& actually following) your only authentic inner voice, your intuition, the universal wisdom speaking through YOU.

How this will concretely come to form is still to be evolved, and actually, will be a continually evolving process, constantly adapting to the ever-changing flow. Exactly as your life will constantly take on new forms, emerge into something new, and transform into a higher version of itself if you let yourself be guided by your intuition. If you trust the Universe to take you with it on a journey. If you surrender. 🙌

However concretely expressed, you will find these 3 major elements:

  • Wisdom (= theoretical Knowledge of how to...)

  • Tools (= practical self-mastery to actually...)

  • Community (= accountability + inspiration)

Why the Intuition-Academy?

There is a looot out there about personal development. A lot of it is even in good (theoretical) quality, but less truly practical. And even far less that help us make the leap out of personal development, into trans-personal development, where the real power lies. 🙌

One of the problems: We're making (trans-) personal development a cognitive thing. There are rules to follow, concepts to stick to, certain ways to do things.
How many people are out there, that have been into self-development for decades and still don't truly flourish & shine with radiant enthusiasm?

You can not think your way to clarity.

And even the few teachers that do realize that there is no THE WAY, only your & my way, usually fail to address to most important question. They say "go your own way", "trust yourself" or "follow your intuition", but no one explains HOW.

How do I "decide" which way is my way and not someone else's? How do I actually "follow my intuition"? How do I even know what my intuition is? What does it sound like? How do I separate it from the other voices that are within ourselves? 🤔

There is obviously a gap in addressing this (maybe most) fundamental question when it comes to personal (and most notable to trans-personal!) development.

That's why we start the Intuition-Academy. 😍

How will the Intuition-Academy address these questions?

First, of course, an "Intuition-Academy" is a bit of a misnomer. How can you explain or teach something that transcends the realm of the cognitive sphere, that operates outside the scope of science & thinking, that goes beyond the mind?
The answer: Ultimately you can't.

As any concept, so also our understanding of intuition is only a representation of one part of reality, not reality itself.

All Models are wrong, some are helpful.

What models, ideas & words can do though, is gently pointing in a direction, shining the light of awareness on parts that have been in the dark for so long, opening possibilities for the real experience itself. That's the intention with the Intuition-Academy.
We will use tools of the mind (words) to speak from the heart. For example by using those words to instruct an exercise that itself leads to the actual experience. Or by asking questions that lead to insights. Insights that go far beyond what could be expressed in words. 🙌

In short:
The Intuition-Academy is supposed to be a helpful instrument in finding your own truth. It can only point in a direction, but ultimately you have to walk the walk yourself, take on your own unique journey, and discover for yourself what is true from first-hand experience. 🙂

Where we are at right now

Back to the constantly evolving process. 🙂

Keep in mind that the following is only a snapshot in time and could have emerged into something new already a week later (without this article having received an Update yet).

Where we are going

To understand where we're at It might be easier if you have a rough idea of where this is heading in the first place.
Knowing this is a massive simplification of a vision that is very nuanced & complex, here are some key elements of the future Intuition-Academy:

  • a full on-demand online course with a world-class level of excellence (quantity & quality of content + optionality + ...)

  • (multiple) weekly Live-Calls with different guides (covering different time zones + languages + ways of presenting)

  • Intuition-buddy / small "work" groups (to go deep with a small number of people + hold each other accountable + inspire)

And all the other things that come up during the journey itself, especially via participants sharing ideas & insights on what would be helpful.

What already exists

Which leads us to the things that already exist:

  • The Intuition-Masterclass (≈ 50 min video with a first introduction into Intuition)

  • The Landing Page for the Intuition-Academy + the first part of the Online-Course

  • weekly Live-Calls

The Intuition Masterclass

Want a rough overview of my understanding of Intuition?
Then watch the first 5-6 mins of this Masterclass (= intro into the Top 5 ideas).


Want a more complete overview?
Then just watch the full Masterclass. (Keep in mind though that this is still only surface-level!) 🙌

The Landing Page

The Landing Page is in its 2nd draft currently. Far from perfect but more than good enough to get the idea, including more perspectives on the benefits (for you and the world!) of following your intuition, all the intended modules, and the different engagement options.


And if you're ready to sign up, then this is already possible as well. 🙌

Weekly Live-Calls

In the weekly Live-Calls, we're setting an intentional space to turn toward our intuition, taking concrete situations from our lives to become aware of what's holding us back from living more in alignment with our true selves.

The main elements of the Live-Calls are:

  • short presentation on today's topic (e.g. "Intuition & Parenting")

  • Q&A session (asking & answering questions on the topic)

  • "individual" group exercise (getting clarity about a situation from your own life)

  • breakout sessions (actively engage with 1-3 other people)

A more detailed description will follow on the course platform itself, which you have access to right after enrolling.

If you want to join a call without enrolling for the course just yet, you can find them here:
1st call, Aug 29

What's next for you?

Well, that ultimately only you can know. Regard this as an invitation to trust yourself with making those decisions, not just here right now, but in life in general. 🙌

In case you're only asking for ideas though, still taking full responsibility yourself for what feels right, then here some ideas:

  • If you were only exploring the site without a specific interest in Intuition, then keep exploring

  • If you are interested in aligning more with your Intuition then I recommend either watching the Masterclass above or visiting the Landing Page to enroll for the whole course and even join one of the Live-Calls.

  • Other than that, getting away from your phone/computer and going for a walk in nature or doing a short meditation or some breathwork is always a good option as well. 🙂

Enjoy whatever you end up doing & don't forget to trust yourself with it.
There is an infinite wisdom flowing in & through you all of the time that you have access to at every moment. No need to look outside to find answers and guidance. Just turn inward and trust the very wisdom that created you. ❤️


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