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Collection (to create content of later)

  • If no one has the ultimate power + can make the ultimate decision, that automatically leads to conflict as long as not everyone is 100% enlightened

  • unavoidable -> prepare to deal with it

  • conflict not bad -> helps to grow (individual + group)
    ▪️ crucial how you deal with it

  • 3 step process

    • 1) solve yourself with other person

      • use communication / listening tools

      • it's always a lack of understanding the other person, otherwise there would be no conflict at all

      • lack of communication = filled with negativity

    • 2) involve Mediator

      • 3rd perspectives always help to enhance understanding

      • if person trusted by both sides

    • 3) involve board of people (Taskforce)

    • 4) ??? involve CEO (that's the "ultima ratio" in Reinventing organizations)

  • How does it interact with Transparency?

    • in Reinv. Org. this is mostly private, to create a safe space

    • if following Defaults, all people would be aware right away anyways

    • friction even to big, to make CDD + say "having conflict + discussing in private"?
      -> might be case for Default-exemption

  • give concrete examples for it

    • Person A thinks, B's behaviour is toxic for organisation



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