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Who this article is for

  • anyone wanting to know about my inspiration

This article will be about the people who inspire me most.

Important note:

None of them is perfect!
They were all humans, so they had their own weak spots, shadows, etc.
This is not about holding a "bigger than life" image of them and to glorify them.

We can learn from every single person in this world, so there is no bright line here.
This is just a collection of people whose positive qualities inspire me the most (while being able to hold their imperfection without diminishing my inspiration).

My Heroes

still alive

  • Brian Johnson

  • Daniel Schmachtenberger

  • other inspiring people
    → extra article

    • Philip McKernan

    • Mike Sherbakov

    • Michael Beckwith

    • Charles Eisenstein

potential heroes

The following list contains people that inspire me as well, but I have never gone deeper into books they have written or that were written specifically about them.
So I'll just list them here under "potentiel heroes" until I've made a deeper dive into their lives & personalities.

  • Nelson Mandela

  • Anne Frank (currently reading)

  • Mother Teresa

  • Abraham Lincoln

  • Teresa of Avila

  • Ralph Waldo Emerson (read 1 essay twice)

  • and many more...

What about the women?

  • Video about why I believe it's easier (for me) to find male heroes than female heroines.

    • "natural" tendencies

    • unnatural structures etc.

  • Knowing my natural tendency, I will go searching more actively in the future

    • integrating both

  • right now would not be authentic to say, that any other person than the heroes above are inspiring me deeply & daily the most

further heroines I might look into

  • Mechthild of Magdeburg

  • Simone Weil

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