🟩⬜ Donation Invitation - Follow-Up Questions (and answers)

Who this article is for…

  • People from NAAS who received a donation invitation from me

  • Other people who received a donation invitation

  • Everyone who was interested in the mdg experiment and got redirected here from the Main Article

Intention of this article

If you ended up here, then you are likely at least considering supporting my Journey of “Living the Change” of the “Story of Interbeing”.
Which means there is some general intention to hold space for me and you’re likely interested in understanding my invitation in more depth to come up with a decision that feels right for you.

This article is trying to answer all the questions that could be helpful for doing so.
It is NOT the intention to convince people who don’t want to support anyways. 🙂

How this article works

Knowing that while this (considering to support) is a commonality among people reading this, everyone is also uniquely different & is interested in different questions, benefiting from different perspectives to go deeper.

As a result, this article is structured in a way that isn’t “one-size-fits-all”! Instead it…
a) transparently presents all questions that could be relevant
b) only answers them super shortly with 1-2 sentences, but
c) links to further content that goes deeper into every question.

That way you can get an overview of what’s available without needing to spend a lot of time filtering what’s relevant for you, enabling you to just go deeper at exactly the intersections that are most relevant to you. 🙌

The “modern-day Gandhi” Experiment - Main Article

If you are interested in the full load (the Why, How & What of this experiment), please check out this main article:

🟩⬜ "Modern Day Gandhi" Experiment: Main Article ⭐⭐

Most Relevant Questions

Why do I feel this weird combination of Inspiration & anxiety reading your donation invitation?

Probably because it speaks to that part that can sense how a more beautiful world will look like & that “paying forward”, unconditional service is a big part of that, allowing this hidden part to come out of its hideout.

“DANGER!” will be the automatic reaction of the other part that has been conditioned over years & decades and longs for (static) security. Every change is a threat, expressing itself in a feeling of anxiousness. How could it be otherwise… 🙃

Click here for more (including a video where I speak to both parts in more depth)

Why does my financial support make it easier for you to be of service to the world?

If we believe it or not, we’re all utterly dependent on one another, living in a bubble, an illusion of independence that just doesn’t reflect reality. (See how fast things collapsed during COVID or because of the Ukraine war in Europe).

I’m not a special case! So even though I can always choose the be of service, no matter the circumstances, every support will make it easier & more efficient to do so. 🙌

Go deeper for concrete examples (like buying healthy food + technical tools + team members)

Why “should” I give money to you?

There is no should at all! If it feels like a should, don’t give.
If it deep deep down feels like the right thing to do though, then feel free to follow through with that inner knowing!

All the “objective reasons” I could name (and I could name many 😀), are utterly irrelevant if it doesn’t feel right. So please take them only as food for your intuition, not as a replacement for your inner knowing!

Click here for concrete reasons & examples of why it could feel right

What is the money for? Where does it go?

Even though I try to be dependent on money as little as possible (but rather on direct gifts), we’re still living in a world where you need at least some money to fully interact. 

Be it for covering my basic needs (mainly food & shelter; clothing won’t be a problem without money), transportation, paying for online-tools that increase my capacity to serve, or getting the support of team members that help serve more profoundly. Whatever is of service to the whole in any given moment (which will change!). 🙌

Go deeper here

More questions?

Do you have any more questions that are not listed in this article?
Please just leave a comment below the article or write an Email to
johannes@intuition359.com with the question that would be helpful to you to increase clarity & understanding. 🙌

Why should I support you with money & not with other things?

Of course, this invitation does not exclude other ways of support, on the contrary!

I would love to receive your support with your energy, time & attention, and life-force by far more than your financial support. So let’s make that happen! 🙌
AND once we realize that our time & attention is WAY more valuable than our money, then it seems almost like a contradiction to not also support with money if you “have enough” of it.

Let’s explore that question deeper.

Where does the vision about only “paying forward” come from? Where could all that lead?

Alright, so this is literally impossible to answer in a short line or two. I could say it comes “out of nature” and leads to “alignment with the Universe” but obviously this is pretty abstract still.

In case you truly want to know more (and I believe it’s absolutely worth it!) check out this article & the videos linked within: 🙌

🟩⬜ "Modern Day Gandhi" Experiment: Main Article ⭐⭐

Also Relevant Questions

From here on you might only want to check out the questions and only read the short (or long) answer for those questions that feel relevant to you.

Will my financial support change our relationship in any way? Will it lead to awkward social interactions in the future?

Yes & No.
Yes, as nothing is without influence and every question/interaction will change a relationship in some way. No, that it is not going to lead to awkwardness, but to even more depth in the relationship, when the support is genuine.

The only way this can lead to awkward social interactions is if you choose to not be true to yourself, which can express either in giving or in not giving (or in not answering at all to avoid responsibility.)

More on how the relationship will change & why the most important is, taking full responsibility to be true to yourself.

How is your financial situation right now?

Writing this in October 2023, this seems like a relevant question, as I just got some yearly payments coming in, that exceed my current bank account balance (that is also supposed to cover for food).
Although I want to make as explicit as possible that this invitation is not related to this. The invitation doesn’t come out of desperation (because of the current situation) but out of inspiration, to create new ways of relating to money that align with universal principles & the Story of Interbeing.

More about my current situation here & how it does (not) relate to this invitation for monthly support.

How much money do you need per month?

Two things here:  1) I can’t answer that +  2) it’s not even relevant.

Again, the invitation does NOT come out of desperation in the sense of covering basic needs. It comes out of the inspiration that this feels like the right thing to do and is in greatest service to life!

So it’s not only about covering the basic needs but about creating an overflow that then will flow through me towards others that serve the world. 🙌

Yet I would love to see this question asked to the CEOs & managers who benefit from you buying certain goods before you make a decision about what to buy.

More about what I actually need per month + in what sense it does matter & in what sense it does not.

But this doesn’t work if everyone would do it!

I have addressed that concern in the “But…, but…, but…” section of the “Modern-Day Gandhi Experiment - Main Article”. Check it out there if you want to go explore that question deeper.

🟩⬜ "Modern Day Gandhi" Experiment: Main Article ⭐⭐

The short version: How in the world should it not work if everyone would try to always give more than one receives and serve the world with the full being, intending to live more & more from the Story of Interbeing?

Don’t you think it’s arrogant to call yourself “modern-day Gandhi”?

Well, the thing is that I don’t call myself “modern-day Gandhi”
It’s an identity I use to inform action as myself, to hold myself to the highest virtues & be inspired by the question “What would Gandhi do if he was in this position?”

“I have not the shadow of a doubt that any man or woman can achieve what I have if he or she would make the same effort and cultivate the same hope and faith.”
- Gandhi

More in the first 2 minutes of this Loom video

How can I be sure, the money is used “right”?

You can’t!

There is no such thing as a guarantee, there is the chance of me being a complete fraud who only made up this whole story around serving the world to get people to give me money & then spend it to buy a Porsche.

So if it’s not about “being sure” then it is about what? Trust!

Trusting me that I spend it “right”, that I am self-aware enough (& growing this awareness) which of my impulses come from the small ego & which from a larger intention to serve the world.
And to trust that I don’t hide stuff, but transparently share all that is happening.

Link to video + transparency

What if I don’t have enough money myself?

It is an illusion to think you don’t have enough money to support with $1 per month. Everyone who is using money at all probably spends way more than $1 per month.

So it is not about having it, but about priorities. Spending it on food for yourself is a priority, spending it on rent is a priority. I’m not saying that those are bad/wrong priorities, not at all! I’m just saying that those ARE priorities and only you can know for yourself, what feels like the right choice to make.

But if you take that responsibility (that it is in fact a choice) then there will never be “I don’t have enough” as a reason to not support, but only “I choose to prioritize other things”. And that’s honest. That’s awareness.


Aren’t you living at the expense of others?

Yes, if it would be the case that a person spends a complete 100% of her money on things that truly serve him/her (& the world) then I would receive at the expense of someone else.

Once we realize though, that this surely isn’t the case, then suddenly this becomes a Win-Win-Win situation:
Rather than work more to support me, you can stop spending money on things that don’t (truly!) serve you anyways. You benefit by stopping something that hurts you, I benefit by buying more healthy food, and the world benefits as there are two individuals who are of more service to the whole than before. 🙌

More on breaking this old Win-Lose paradigm and creating Win-Win-Win situations.

Who do you ask this as well?

Everyone! At least everyone I personally come in contact with, where there is at least some level of trust.

If it truly is about raising awareness and not about me getting money, then it is clear that I will also invite those where I can almost perfectly predict that they will decline. This might be uncomfortable for me, but at least as important for the collective consciousness about money than asking the people who are (more) likely going to support. 🙂

And wouldn’t it be unfair to make that assumption, not giving someone even the chance to experience the immense joy of giving?

Click here for some explorations of what this “planting of seeds” could lead to.

What happens if you have an overflow?

It will naturally move towards what is most enriching live, usually towards other people that want to serve the world & would benefit from financial support, which might even include a “back”-flow to those who have given to me previously (of course this is actually a “forward”-flow 🙂).

More important might be though, what does NOT happen, if I have an overflow:
I will not stop asking myself the uncomfortable questions like “What do I really need” or “How would I handle his if I would have way less money available”, so resources don’t get used just because I have them, but only because it’s the right thing to use them. 🙌

For a bit more detail & more concrete examples click here

Do you want to imply it’s bad to receive money/payments?

No, not at all. Everyone is at a different point of their unique personal Journey and can ever only decide for themself what is in alignment and what is not.

The only thing I can say with my full heart, is that I have too much clarity on what my role is in this context to not follow that calling (which includes truly going all-in with “paying forward”, going completely new ways).

I do sense though, that there are more people that already hear a similar (maybe not as extreme), but don’t have the courage yet to break with what’s seen as normal.

more will follow soon

Isn’t it risky to make yourself dependent on other people?

Only if you think it’s less risky to try to be independent, taking the risk that independence is an illusion and that trying to get there might cause you to be missing out on the most wonderful experiences in life, feeling connected, feeling as part of a (huge) team, feeling one with all.

It’s not about artificially in- or decreasing the dependency on one another, but about becoming aware of our natural interdependency, so we can harmoniously work with it rather than fight against it. Only then we can live in alignment with the Universe, with life itself.

More on how I’m not making myself dependent, but how this experiment is making the already existing interdependencies way more obvious.

Why not go on donation-based for the things you’re actually offering?

Well, it doesn’t feel right. That’s the best answer I can give.

My cognitive interpretation why it doesn’t feel right:
Even if we go donation based, there is still the same exchange dynamic in play. We might be taking in more variables (like the person’s financial situation), but still have a contractual relationship.
Yes, this gets (way) closer to natural principles! But it's still quite a bit away from being truly aligned!

Let’s go deeper into the difference between donation based exchange & the free flow of “paying forward”.

How does this experiment serve the world?

Running the experiment itself breaks with the paradigm of Separation and opens the door to the Story of Interbeing. By being the change for a new awareness of how money equals power + that it is related to all other aspect of life + that every single person can influence the world with his or her smallest decisions, if we choose to fully step into our responsibility. 

It’s a prototype for a basic universal income that doesn’t need one government to grant it but that grows organically out of the soil itself.

Check out the Main Article for more

Why do you think, this experiment will work?

We all have an intrinsic inspiration to give, which makes this experiment aligned with our true nature & the divine core that rests within every one of us, untouched by all conditioning, ever perfect, ready to sprout.

And because my own flourishing substantially increases when I’m allowed to support other people to flourish, truly everyone benefits. That’s why (on the long long term) this can’t not work. And that’s why I invite literally everyone within this experiment. 

Because wouldn’t it be unfair to withhold some people from this opportunity to support something like that? 🙂

For an enthusiastic video about this, click here.

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