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Past, Present, Future

Sunday, 06.33 am, 12. February 2023
Valle de Bravo, Mexico

This message is all about the Past, Present & Future (don't worry, nothing else coming 😛).

The Present captures two Questions mainly:
◾ What am I doing in Mexico?
◾ The start of the "modern-day Gandhi" action

The Past is my try (as promised is Newsletter #1) to slowly catch up with my Journey so far:
◾ What places have I been & "why"?
◾ What inner processes did I go through?
◾ How did the projects evolve during that time?

And finally, the Future!
Here I will give a quick update on what could happen in the following weeks & months, as a consequence of the doors that have opened in the past & where I'm currently standing in the present.

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The Present

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift.
That's why it's called "the present".

Modern-Day Gandhi in action

The most relevant for me (way more than the place I'm staying at, although I know other people are really interested in that) is the actual start with the "Donation Invitations"!

If you haven't read the according blog-article yet, I highly recommend catching up first. 🙂
Before you go on here with anything! :)

🟩⬜ [Blog] Does it have to be so hard to serve the world with all your heart?

Or here in a new Tab as the original Google-Doc where you can also leave comments (and see the comments of other people).

This week's highlights:
◾ send out the first 50+ invitations
◾ received the first pledges
◾ receives the first No's (that's as worthy to be celebrated!)

More action you can find in my "mdG"-logbook, where I track basically everything!

🟩⬜ [mdG] logbook - "modern-day Gandhi"⭐️

Why Mexico?

This question popped up a lot lately since I decided to move here to Valle De Bravo.

I started this video with the intention to answer the question but only came out with three things:

  • I don't know

  • Intuition

  • the people / person I got connected to

Now you can decide for yourself if you want to watch the video to hear me say these points without coming up with a lot of concrete cognitive speculations afterward...

The Past

Ok, let's start catching up. 🙌
I started my Journey to leave Germany as a home base in October 2022, a long time for not giving an Update until the end of January...

To keep it short here & because I'm not sure if everyone is interested in this part at all, I created an extra article for this part. 👌

What you will find there:

◾ all places I've lived at & the people who I stayed with there
◾ the different phases I went through (loneliness & deep connection, creating & deep re-thinking, etc.)
◾ The animals that accompanied during each place/phase
◾ The development of "my" team & how we grew together to serve more profoundly
◾ How the projects evolved that I talked about in my "life 3.0" vision video

The article below is not completely finished yet, so I will link it in the next Newsletter again!

What you can find already are the different phases & places itself + keywords for each phase what they represented & meant to me.


The Future

Let's jump to the future. Arguably the part I'm most excited about. 😍😍😍

If you did jump into the article about the past then you know already that we (especially the team) started with our "outreaching" to different people & communities to find "virtue- & vision-aligned" people.

Well, we found many of them and they brought the spotlight of attention back to some projects that were on the waiting list... 🙌

The People-Potential-Fund is back

All people we reached out to received a message that put high emphasis on watching the "life 3.0" vision video & apparently a lot of them did watch it.

What stood out most and got mentioned again & again in the replies?
The People-Potential-Fund! 🙌

After we already had a first (and only!) call in August 2022 where I introduced the idea to some "friends" that I could imagine being part of/contributing to it, we just revived the idea and had another call last Monday.

New people, new perspectives, new energy.
And this time it seems to stick longer...
We decided to have a weekly call on Mondays to move forward with the idea & bring it to life. 😍

So yeah, super excited about that! I will keep you posted (probably via detailed logbook(s) + this Newsletter). 🙌

Last Words

You might already feel it through my written words & videos:
I'm enjoying this Journey! 😊

I don't know where it will lead me.
I don't know what projects will actually happen.
I don't know what places I will eventually go to.
I don't know what people I will meet.

But I do know, that it's the right thing!
The right thing to keep moving in the face of the unknown.
The right thing to be here in Mexico right now.
The right thing to not interfere, but to keep letting the flow of life guide me through this Journey!

Let's change the world 😍😍😍

Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has.
- Margaret Mead


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