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  1. How can we visualize it & make it obvious/easy to understand?

  2. How can we track it?

  3. What do we do if someone isn't following the SOP we agreed to?

  4. How are we going to see, if we follow them? (Transparency, but without "controlling"?)

  5. What kind of small standards can we implement right now, that will serve us big time on the longterm

  6. infographic(?) their quick and informative

  7. FAQ article- for more reading if they are not sure

  8. post day review(take a minute or two too look back on your day and review how you did

  9. How can we make new joinees follow high SOP

  10. what are we lacking that is not allowing us to follow high SOP

  11. How can we improve ourselves to make it easier to have high standard

  12. the specific task to a particular person

  13. Reviews and Feedback


English: SOP , Standard of performance


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