🟨⬜ [Podc] Daniel Schmachtenberger @Tristan Harris - "What's really driving global problems in todays world"

To solve this has to become the central objective, the Zeitgeist, of our time. Otherwise we can't solve all the other problems anyways.

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    • because if you don't know what actually is the problem, you likely won't make the world better, but just move the problem somewhere else

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More big ideas // all notes

  • video + bullet points

  • similar to "In Search of the 3rd attractor"

    • shorter + a bit less detailed = less friction

  • [38:30] 🟠 We're not intuitively primed to understand exponential growth

    • We're very bad at predicting how fast the future comes

    • @Manu

  • [41:00] 🟠 natural Monopolies

    • legislature / laws to prevent monopolies is pre expontantial tech

    • not applicable to natural monopolies

    • no "bad power" behind it (data -> more data -> more data -> monopoly on data)

    • we develop faster than the law can adapt

      • legislature was good for that problem at that time

      • now = new time + totally new problem
        -> needs new solutions

  • [49:00] πŸ”΄ new technology enables new social systems

    • prelude (minutes before):

      • When Daniel speaks about "social technology", he also means democracy for example

      • democracy = no value in itself
        -> tool for justice + equity + equality + etc.

      • How Feudalismus changed to democracy (via printing press)
        -> people could get informed on a large(er) scale than before + make shared sense of the world

    • Today = new breaking point

      • new technologies = new possibilities + new dangers

      • democracy as invented earlier doesn't work anymore

      • we need to develop system that fits to new situation

    • Tristan: "Printing Press could have been used by the leaders of Feudalism to reinforce Feudalism. But they used it to create a new system."

    • Referal to Taiwans digital democracy
      Audrey Tang Podcast @Tristan Harris

  • [58:00] 🟑 conflict vs. mistake theory

    • mistake = unintended side-effects
      -> every generation kills 20 buffalos without realizing the bigger picture problem

    • conflict = intended for own personal profit

    • existence of mistake theory = often taken as an excuse where the consequences could have been seen/calculated

  • [??:??] 🟑 concrete examples for How a better world could look like

    • blockchain

      • "blockchain currency = least interesting"

      • forced transparency
        (No Transparency = foundation of corruption)

      • science articles

  • [01:25:00] 🟠 Education of the Future

    • First ask:
      "What's the role of humans in the future?"
      -> adapt education to that

    • monotone task will be automated
      -> no reason to teach

    • "What's uniquely human?"
      -> social interaction + empathy + emotional connection + personal caring

  • [01:39:00] 🟑 Democracy

    • Platon + Socrates + other philosophers were critics of idea of democracy

    • Want to let experts make decisions who really know their field?

    • Or random mass of people who know nothing about what they decide on?

    • Winston Churchill quote:
      "Democracy is the worst form of government. Except for all the others that have been tried."

  • [01:51:00] πŸ”΄ #1 goal of our time must be "How to make global cooperation possible"

    • whatever groups figure out how to do it effectively will be the groups that can direct the future.

    • if we don't solve this, all others problems don't matter, because we're fucked anyways

    • nations + private cooperations + etc all included

    • contact + ask to take us as an example of trying & testing (Upwork Team + o4U?)
      -> internal Memo (2) 04:00

    • we need people who
      a) apply + test (see above)
      b) spread to other audiences
      -> I see myself in both

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