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Collection (latest first)

May 2023

  • Philip McKernan @The Power of Space

  • Daniel Schmachtenberger @Gregory Landua

April 2023

  • Forrest Landry @JimRutt - Small Group Method

March 2023

February 2023

December 2022

The whole series is super recommended!

If you want only the essence, then I recommend to start at 56:51 min in Volume 2, where Marc Gafni introduces the 5 selves:

  • Pre-personal self

  • individual self

  • false self

  • true self

  • unique self

November 2022 ⬇️

🟨❌[Podc]Aubrey Marcus@Laurel Airica- Command the spells of the english language

October 2022 ⬇️

  • Charles Eisenstein @TheEarthshot

🟨❌ Daniel Schmachtenberger @Nate Hagens - “Bend not Break #3: Sensemaking, Uncertainty, and Purpose”
🟨❌ [Podc] Daniel Schmachtenberger @Nate Hagens - “Bend not Break #2: Maximum Power and Hyper Agents”
🟨❌ [Podc] Nate Hagens @Daniel Schmachtenberger - “Bend Not Break #1: Energy Blindness”
🟨❌ [Podc] Charles Eisenstein @Campfire Podcast - "On Interbeing"
🟨❌ [Podc] Daniel Schmachtenberger & Alexander Bard @Parallax - "Deep Future (1)"
🟨❌ [Podc] Nate Hagens @Aubrey Marcus - "Finite Energy & the great simplification"
🟨❌ [Podc] Daniel Schmachtenberger @Jamie Wheal - "Existential Risk"
In Canada from here on ⬆️

In the airplane ⬇️
🟨❌ [Podc] Philip McKernan @SoulInspiredGurl - "Be brave. You matter."
🟨❌ [Podc] Daniel Schmachtenberger @GreenPill (2) - "Superstructures"
🟨❌ [Podc] Daniel Schmachtenberger @GreenPill (1) - "Metacrisis"
In the airplane ⬆️

still in Germany ⬇️
🟨❌ [Podc] Tristan Harris & Daniel Schmachtenberger @Joe Rogan
🟨❌ [Podc] Philip McKernan @TheUnmistakableCreative - "Finding the Courage to Speak Your Truth"
🟨❌ Michael Beckwith @Lewis Howes - "Leave Mediocrity behind you"
🟨❌ [Podc] Philip McKernan @Robert Glazer - "Fully Understanding Yourself"
  • Charles Eisenstein @PeakMind

🟨❌ [Podc] Daniel Schmachtenberger @Aubrey Marcus - "Existential Survival in a time of Expontential Technology"

September 2022 ⬇️

🟨❌ [Podc] Mike Sherbakov @Andi Lew
🟨❌ [Podc] Abundant Couples - Cultivating Abundance in your life
🟨❌ [Podc] Audrey Tang @Tristan Harris - "Digital Democracy is within reach"
🟩❌ [Podc] Daniel Schmachtenberger @Tristan Harris - "What's really driving global problems in todays world"
🟨❌ [Podc] Ken Wilber @RebelWisdom - "What happened to Jordan Peterson?"
🟨❌ [Podc] Daniel Schmachtenberger @Scott Barry Kaufman - "Towards a radical cultural enlightenment"
🟨❌ [Podc] Ken Wilber @FutureThinkers - "Who are the 2nd tier thinkers?"
🟨❌ [Podc] Charles Eisenstein @Aubrey Marcus - "Heresy to the God of Capitalism"
🟨❌ [Podc] Matias de Stefano @Aubrey Marcus - "Become the Creator of your Life"
🟨❌ [Podc] Charles Eisenstein @Ben Greenfield - "Sacred Economics & Money"
🟨❌ [Podc] Matias de Stefano @Aubrey Marcus - "Our 9 Dimensional Existence"

August 2022 ⬇️

🟨❌ [Podc] Daniel Schmachtenberger @Rebel Wisdom - "In Search of the 3rd attractor"



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