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  • Matt & Cass

Questions (+ my thoughts)

(1) General

  1. How do I best order some stuff to your address?

    1. Is the following address right?
      5879 Sea Terrace Road
      Courtenay, British Columbia, V9J 1W1


    2. should I use my own name on it or rather "Cassidy Logsdon"?

  2. How do I open the door lock?

    1. I tried yesterday, but it didn't work

    2. I know the combination, but I don't know how to press the buttons the right way (apparently).

  3. Do you have (functioning) printer hidden somewhere?

    1. and/or empty white printing sheets (to journal on)?

(2) Kitchen

  1. Do you mind if I do some "strategic rearrangements" in the kitchen drawers?

    1. I can always reverse later of course 🙂

  2. Where did you put the small bin for the organic waste?

    1. I couldn't find it anymore after you left (+ it's not in the drawer)

  3. Can you please confirm (or add to) the "cleaning instructions"

    1. bigger pan
      = only use baking soda (& water) + then let dry by itself

    2. smaller pan
      = normal washing (?) + dry on stove afterwards

    3. other things that are "special"?


= please let me know, if I forgot something

  • watering plants = about once a week
    = 5x in living room

  • organic waste = just use one side

  • turn temperature regulation down, when gone for a while

  • lock the door (?)

  • potential fatal mistakes

    • leaving stove turned on



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