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Who this article is for

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    🟨❌ The Vision
  • new team members, about to join the team

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Key points:

  • goal to achieve vs. tangible example
    ➑ it doesn't "have to" come like this (many different scenarios)

  • 3-5 year vision in 4 different areas
    ➑ as suggested in Michael Hyatt's book The Vision Driven Leader

  • Room for adjustment from anyone
    ➑ @Team-members: Make it your own! :)

  • Default / Suggestion: Video first, text second
    ➑ some things might repeat, but it's worth it

  • here just final, formulated texts
    ➑ to see the notes, that the text is built upon, go here:

    🟨❌ [J] notes on 3-5 year vision

The 3-5 year vision

1️⃣ Team

2️⃣ Services

3️⃣ Sales & Marketing

4️⃣ Impact

As the full text-versions are not ready yet, I recommend just reading the notes I already made and out of which I will form the formulated version + the video.
🟨❌ [J] notes on 3-5 year vision



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