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A lack of commitment usually comes from a lack of clarity.
- Leo Arias

To transport and communicate the vision is one of the biggest challenges I face.
As my vision of the future is so big & abstract, it usually isn't quite tangible for "new" poeple.

And while some confusion is fine (that's where our subconscious goes to work), it is impeding when it obstructs action.
So we want to find just the right balance of curiosity (= positive confusion) and clarity.

The following referrals are supposed to help, to find that sweet spot.

What you will find:

  • 3-5 year vision (script + video)

  • 15-30 year vision (script + video)

  • 9-12 month vision (script + video)

It might seem a bit confusing, but I actually do recommend to start with the 3-5 year vision.

The reason is this:
The more we see of the big picture, the easier it is, to make sense of the more concrete things. It is easier to put the puzzle pieces at the right spot, when you have seen the finished puzzle first.
However in this case, my 15-20 year vision will be so far away from what we can imagine right now, that starting there might lead to even more confusion or overwhelm.
Thats why starting with the 3-5 year vision seems to be the "sweet spot". After being anchored from there, you can go in both directions (more to the future or more to the present).

It's not about getting all the details or understanding how we can get there (that comes later on).
It's about finding the balance between clarity and confusion, so we can move forward with commitment & curiosity.

3-5 year vision

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15-30 year vision

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9-12 month vision

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