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Meta-Defaults (MD's)

Apart from concrete Defaults with concrete actions, these Meta-Defaults are in place to make all other Defaults work.

#1 "Follow the Default" (MD1)

If there is a Default set for anything, then I follow the Default
I make a conscious decision not to follow it AND communicate it proactively (that I don't follow the Default).

#2 "Help others" / "Reminder" (MD2)

If I see that someone is not following a Default AND did not communicate it proactively, then I (gently) point that out.

➡ = "if someone didn't follow MD1"
➡ raising awareness for the person itself + whole group (= giving the chance to learn, adapt & evolve)

#3 "Speak up" / "Culture" (MD3)

If you feel that other people are not pointing this out, even though they see that someone is not following the Default (& not communicating so), then I speak up and say something like:
"I feel that there are many who saw that [Johannes] didn't follow the Default + didn't communicate it, but no one spoke up."

further explanation

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related abbreviations

To make it happen, make it easy.

Abbreviations, Symbols, etc. are important tools, to reduce the friction to implement a certain behavior.

  • iDC = "in Default Compliance"
    ➡ not necessary to point out every time, but could be helpful sometimes

  • CDD = "Conscious Default Deviation"
    ➡ to communicate, that it was a conscious decision not to follow Default (= Meta-Default #1)

  • RMD1 = "Reminder Meta-Default #1)"
    ➡ to point out to somebody, that (s)he didn't follow Default + did not communicate so


What we pay attention to grows.

  • tracking the CDD and the RMD1

further Ressources

  • Brave New Work

  • different Optimize +1's


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