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Meta-Defaults (MD's)

#1 Follow all Defaults OR actively communicate that you don't (=CDD)

#2 Tell others when off Default + not communicated

#3 Point out to the group, that they don't tell others

For the longer, formulated version, go here:

🟨❌ Meta-Defaults

"normal Defaults" - important notes:


🟩 = active Default
🟨 = passive Default (usually: was agreed on once, but we then realized it's not serving anymore)

Default vs. Rule
A Default is no rule. It is just the basic setting you come back to when NOT having a better idea on how to do something.

If you do have a better idea, then... (see next box)

Keep MD1 in mind

You can deviate from ANY Default at ANY time.
The only thing you "have" to do, is to proactively communicate that you're now derogating from Default.
➑ For more check Meta-Default #1

Collection of Defaults

For seeing the Defaults organized by category, go here
➑ link to the article with an overview of categories

For seeing the most important Defaults (across categories) see this article:

Please refer to this sheet for the updated default list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1y5SGygns0WWWhQoBwXQajZOmJfH8n0OQKzS3qW8VwZw/edit

Old defaults collection:


= fits in all categories

#11 If made aware of an accidental Default-Deviation, I instantly "correct" (or actively communicate that I will not, compare MD1)

#12 When you see something that is not working, you instantly share it on Microsoft Teams

#13 When you have a question and you don't find an (adequate) answer in this FAQ Tool yet, then post the question in the Teams-Channel "Questions"

#14 If I see a small task (< 1min) that I could do, then I do it immediately

#15 If I see that a Default is added that I don't want to follow, then I speak up + open a conversation about this Default (otherwise it counts as accepted)

(1) Microsoft-Teams

#101 🟩 Microsoft-Teams Threads use Subject-line

#102 🟩 MS-Teams Thread-subject starts with priority (πŸ”΄πŸŸ πŸŸ‘)

#103 🟩 MS-Teams Thread-text starts with @...

🟨❌ Microsoft-Teams - guidelines & Defaults

#104 🟩 everyone gives RMD1, not just one person (by giving πŸ‘ to the first one writing it)

#105 When someone makes a Default-Request ("@Default-Admin, please add [...] to Default-list") then one of the Admins adds instantly (or asks back questions of understanding)

#106 [only for Default-Admin] When a Default-Admin added a Default after a request in a MS-Teams thread, then (s)he send the link + the number of new Default -collection-article as an answer, to show transparently that it's completed.

#107 If you have read a thread in Microsoft-Teams, give thumbs up (πŸ‘)

#108 If I get mentioned in a MS-Teams conversation, then I'll reply in that thread

#109 [only for Default-Admin] If I see someone giving a RMD1, then I immediately add the specific article or send the overall number (out of this list)

#110 If I communicate with someone on MS-Teams, I use a channel and not the private chat.

#111 If I start a new thread on MS-Teams then I use the mutual account (mutual@o4unity.de) to create it + I add my initials in the subject. [E.g [VS], [JJ] ...]. *Exceptions are for personal conversational channel or channels that are used by only one person[e.g Message updates, Proposal for replies]

#112 If I pass along a message from Johannes to the rest of the team, then I use the "In the name of JFK" (jfk@o4unity.de)- Account.

#113 When asked to delete a thread from MS-Teams by Moderators or if you think you posted in the wrong channel, copy the main thread that you posted and paste it as a reply (caption "Original message") before you delete the main thread.
-> Example below

original message was deleted at top and posted as a reply down below with caption "original message"

#114 If someone sends an @oti to me, then I perform a 1,2,3-Optimize.

#115 If someone sends an 180-request to me, then I perform an 180-action

#116 If someone sends a 3D-request to me, then I share my perspective on the situation

#117 When giving feedback to a team member about anything, use 1,2,3 Optimize.

🟨❌ [iOS] 1,2,3-Optimize

#118 When booking a call with Johannes, always check his availability on Google calendar first, then book the call on the Google calendar itself.

#119 Whenever there is creation of an abbreviation, a maximum of 4 letter should be used,

# 120 If there are side conversations in thread, please use text colours to make it easier to follow, E.g [JFK] Johannes Fischerkeller: 🟠 Role Priya (FAQ-Admin + ...) 

#121 If I get tagged [personally or as group tag, i.e @team-Upwork] , then I reply (or react) within 3 days max.

#122 Words you should not use:
- no time
- must
- have to
- need to
- guilty

#123 when I am tagged with fyi(= no need to answer, only πŸ‘), I only react with πŸ‘ and do not reply

#124 When I get a documentation request, as soon as I read the message, I do the documentation request I was asked and then I upload the document in the thread where I were asked to do it.

#125 I choose a personal time slot to check teams everyday [mon-fri]

#126 If I am going to be offline for a day, I make everyone aware of it with a CDD in either the whatsapp group or in the appropriate Ms-Teams channel

#127 When I react to all notification that concerns me I give a "πŸ‘Œ DD/MM/YY" to the πŸ”Reacted to all notification thread on the short time communication channel on Teams

#128 When you tag someone in a thread, start your message from the next line to make it easy to read

#129 If... you want to delete a message, that you have already sent

then... leave the old message there and use strike through instead.

The same goes for editing messages:

  • no deleting of parts of the message, but using this

  • no adding of new parts after someone has reacted/read it without making it obvious

    • e.g. by highlighting the text that has been edited + making a note that explains it

  • potential exemption(s):

    • simple typos (but rather for this version when in doubt).

    • sending to early by accident + then finishing the message

      • but only if sure, that no one has read it in between


these parts were edited on 11 Nov 22, 1:48pm

these parts were edited on 11 Nov 22 1:49pm

#130 Set up your Teams notification settings as per this thread mutual account: πŸ”΄ [JFK] MS Teams notification settings

#131 A thread can be closed by anyone by writing a single message with a "βœ…" as the last message

  • it can be reopened just by writing another answer below the βœ…

  • Only close a thread if its not relevant up to date or when everyone has given 'πŸ‘' to the [β­• Open conversation - continue or close] request from MS-Teams admin

  • Personal conversation shall be closed'βœ…' by the ones initiating it

#132 πŸ”΄ When you are assigned a new task/responsibility,

  • respond with the time that it'll take + the time frame in which the task/first milestone will be complete

    (eg: 1gp=4hours + within 2 days)

  • note it in your commitment logbook

#133 When you add a point to your backlog after it has been mentioned in a thread, you let others know about it in the same thread.

#134 If you have any questions, first search the keywords in the FAQ page. Default workflow for answering queries on teams

🟨❌ Problem solving workflow

#135 9_b) Do not know where to post is a channel in which is used when you do not know where to post a thread by tagging only Ms teams admin who will then transpose the thread to the channel that is deemed good. Always use mutual account when posting in 9__b) [Exceptions to this default is for the Ms teams admin]

#136 If... someone gets reminded a 3rd time on the same thing ,then... open a new thread in the Person's private channel to ask about iOS-commiment. (+ link the thread where the answer is missing).

#137 When adding links in the backlog sheets, use the insert link option instead of pasting the link in the cell.

(2) Meetings

#201 🟩 Team-Meetings start (1) with a Minute of Silence

#202 🟩 Team-Meetings start (2) with a personal Check-In (free speech / Mini-Journal)

#203 🟩 Team-Meetings start (3) with a vision-refresher

🟨⬜ Vision reminders during meetings

#204 🟩 Team-Meetings start (4) with the intention of the call

Important Reminder:
You can always deviate from every Default!
The only thing necessary is to communicate that proactively.
➑ see MD1 (= Meta-Default #1)

#205 🟩 Team-Meetings end (1) with a Minute of Silence

#206 🟩 Team-Meetings end (2) with celebration

#207 If we have a meeting, then we're in the Call, ahead of the official start time ("if you're not early for a meeting, you're late"). If you're late, you provide an explanation in the chat when you enter the meeting.

#208 Scribe notes down who's late in the meeting

🟨❌ [internal] Defaults for Team-Meetings

(3) FAQ-Tool

#301 If I create an FAQ-Article, then I start by copy&pasting the Default-Template

#302 If I have read an FAQ-article, then I give thumbs up (πŸ‘) at the end of the article.

#303 πŸ”΄Defaults for uploading articles

🟨❌ (internal) FAQ-Tool: Guidelines & Defaults

(4)Emails and whatsapp administrator

#401 Use more info for messages having information that requires no action

#402 Use more action for messages that requires action. E.g replying to a conversative email

#403 Use urgent action or info for messages that requires urgent intervention or that contains important information. Guidelines are as follows:
1) Near deadline[ 3 days is considered near deadline]
2) Urgent bills payment
3) Urgent financial intervention

#404 Report message in "message updates" channel in MS-Teams

#405 Proposed reply to email, i.e More actions or urgent action should be posted in "proposal for replies" channel + adding the link to 'message updates's.

#406 Whenever Urgent actions or info pops up, call Johannes on his number.

#407 Whenever a meeting is scheduled, always check calendar,
- If meeting is scheduled, move emails to current appointment
- If it is not scheduled, then book the meeting in Johannes's calendar with meeting link

#408 After any email reply has been sent, propose which folder to put it in till it becomes an automatism

#409 If an email proposal is not accepted + JFK has not proposed his own version to send, then admin creates another email proposal

#410 When an email proposal is not taken directly by JFK but is edit, admin should always do a quick analysis to learn

#411 Emails that are spams or have no importance[promotions...] should be put in 'to delete folder' for JFK to review.

#412 Only delete message which JFK has given green flags on or that are recurring emails which have been given green flags before [spams, promotions, GMX] + Inform about what was deleted in 'message updates' channel ,

#413 React 'πŸ‘' to message which have been read+executed in ' in the name of JFK' whatsapp number

(9) other

#901 If JFK shares a Loom-video with your Email account, then post it in a MS-Teams channel

#902 If I watch a Loom-video, then I take notes alongside (keywords / topics + time-stamps of it)

#903 If I have watched a Loom-Video, then I give thumbs up (πŸ‘) at the end of the video

#904 If I'm invited to a meeting (via Google Calendar or MS-Teams), then I react to it (accept/decline depending on if I join or not).

#905 If a member wants to send a YouTube video for JFK to watch, then first embed the video link in the following article: https://intuition359.helpcenter.io/en/content/youtube-my-watchlist

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