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  • "all conversation in channels (not in private chat)"

  • All Threads use a Title

    • πŸ”΄πŸŸ πŸŸ‘ for Priority

    • informative Name

  • All Threads start with mentioning

    • "@..."

    • even if it's for no one (@nobody)

  • All answers are supposed to be within that thread (not creating new threads)

  • ''β­•Open conversation - continue or close'' is a request from moderator to close a thread , e.g "β­•Open conversation - continue or close @Jerome", means Jerome, can we close the thread"

  • Give a "πŸ‘" to the ''β­•Open conversation - continue or close'' if you are fine with closing the thread . Thread will only be closed once all members have given the "πŸ‘".

  • Threads that are partly open will have "πŸ…Ώ" as the last message .

  • A thread can be closed by writing a single message with a "βœ…" as the last message

    • it can be reopened just by writing another answer below the βœ…

  • Use the most specific channel you can find for starting a thread (if applicable)

  • Use the "Other"-channel for everything that doesn't fit in the existing channels

    • do NOT use the "General"-channel for that

    • General is for posts that would fit into (almost) ALL existing

    • Other is for threads that fit into NONE

  • "The less you type, the more we see"

  • always give πŸ‘ if you read a message

  • Calls via Microsoft Teams (instead of Zoom or else)

  • Microsoft-Teams Calls in Channels (instead of private)

  • When Deleting a thread at the request of a moderator or by yourself, do this:

    • Copy the Main thread [Title] and paste it as an answer below/as a reply to the same thread with the heading 'Original Message"

    • Then post in the right channel if it has been requested.

      E.g The deleted title is pasted to the bottom with caption "original message"
  • Use Mutual account to create new threads [ mutual@o4unity.de ] and use personal account to reply/answer to thread.

  • "In the name of JFK" is an account that members use to post a thread for JFK. E.g if a member has received an email from Johannes to post a thread, then the member will use "in the name of JFK "

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