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  • don't lose stuff

    • open threads where someone forgot to reply

  • make it easy for other people

  • keep it structured

    • not multiple threads for one topic

How to close threads

send a message with just a ✅ and nothing more.
➡ On the computer it just shows the last answer


Re-open Threads

just write a new message, so the ✅ is not at the bottom anymore.
➡ no extra action needed

MS-Teams Manager

  • goes through all the channels once in a while

  • writes message in inactive Threads that are not closed

    • "@... + @..., is conversation still going?"
      + "please close or continue"

  • closes obiousvly finished threads himself

  • Reminds people of Defaults, e.g.

    • missing Subject + 🟡🟠🔴

    • missing @... at beginning

  • asks people to delete threads that are not needed at all
    (only possible from original Thread-author)

  • Questions if members are over with the thread will be asked using ''⭕'' , e.g "⭕@Jerome", means Jerome, can we close the thread" ,

  • Give a "👍" to the ''⭕'' if you are fine with closing the thread . Thread will only be closed once all members have given the "👍" to the ''⭕''

  • Threads that are partly open will have "🅿" as the last message .


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