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0) general

  • interest overlap
    -> community interest
    -> JFK interest
    -> best for the world

  • interest = wide sense
    -> genuine, Eros-interests (distinguish from Ego-interests)

  • can't be planned ahead completely
    -> changes constantly
    -> adapting most important

1) Energy / high frequency

  • just by being around

  • both doing the same as always (no concrete action interaction)
    + still benefits for botch

  • add EE page with tree (Jan 27)

2) Shadows, limiting beliefs & blindspots

  • Why want support in the first place?
    -> flourishing as a community

  • Other ways that have more (profound) impact on flourishing/happiness than cleaning the dishes?
    -> I believe yes
    -> golden seed + stopping what's holding back (= shadows & Co)

  • unique qualities = spotting fast + accurate (?)
    -> combined with acceptance

3) System-thinking

  • investing time myself in Problem vs. helping others to invest time more efficiently
    -> creates time for everyone = help for every single problem/challenge

  • working at concrete problem can be addition to that, but not replacement
    -> don't feel my time valued if no lasting improvement (symptom work)

4) Workshops

  • would get paid thousands in corporate world
    -> for free + anytime + spontaneous (= always ready)

  • Workshop (in English) donation based
    -> donations go to community

  • Topics
    1) Intuition
    2) Inspiration / Enthusiasm
    3) communication
    4) organic Leadership
    5) organic collective decision making (iOS)
    -> other: habits + (physical) Energy + Attention/time-management + Efficiency + (growth) Mindset + Purpose + Journaling

5) other concrete Actions

  • things I do anyways
    -> cooking

  • things that interfere with my Purpose, but that are worth paying the price
    -> could be everything
    -> depends on context = needs of community (❗real needs vs. Pseudo needs -> give example)

Collection (to create content of later)



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