🟨⬜ [iOS] 3x3 Domains - overview

Who this article is for...

  • new team members (Onboarding)

  • existing team members

  • anyone who is interested in our Operating System

Note: This article is not finished yet!
You can read the collection of thoughts below, which could appear in the article once it is finished.

Collection (to create content of later)

  • heart of iOS
    ▪️ Essentials (+ Meta-Defaults) = foundation
    ▪️ vision = guide (Ability to see) / Intuition
    ▪️ projects = expression (= arms & legs)
    ▪️ 3 overarching principles = blood (flows through everything)

  • most concrete thing that is still basically the same for every organization that uses it
    ▪️ projects itself (= more concrete) will then differ widely
    ▪️ also use of concert Tools (MS-Teams vs. Discord vs. Slack vs. ?)

  • Use Miro-Board for video
    ▪️ All models are wrong

  • link to source/inspiration (Brave New Work)
    + picture overview p. 54
    + single Starting pages of the single domains

  • All questions / parts that are important for a business / organization should be covered here
    ▪️ if you feel something is missing, please let us know(!)



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