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Who this article is for

  • potential Co-Creators of the PPF

  • anyone who "leads" an organization / group / family

This Article (& especially the sub-pages) is super "raw" yet and might me hard to understand at some points.
Although better than nothing, so here we are. 🙌

To make it more approachable we will (step by step) add...

  • Videos instead of memos

  • Graphics & Animations

  • written Texts (not only Keywords)

What is the iOS?

The iOS is the Operating System of self-learning Organizations, be it...
◾ Companies, non-profits & governments or
◾ clubs, families & any other groups where people come together

The idea is to bring nature & universal laws into our relationships, be it at work or private (as long this line hasn't dissolved yet anyways).

Organisms in nature work perfectly. They are consistently adapting to change, always finding the new best way to do things, perpetually iterating, they are in constant evolution.

The special thing?
It works without a top-down structure, without one tree telling all the other trees (& plants & mushrooms) what to do, what nutrients to send where & what role to play within the organism, they work without dominator hierarchies.

But they also work without elections & ballots, without hour-long discussions on how to move forward, just to make sure everyone got heard & no one feels left out, they work without majority decisions.

But then what is left?
Who will...?
What if...?
How should that even work?

Living, thinking & breathing in the current paradigm this is so far out of the box that it is even hard to imagine it, to even dream about it.

And yet, that's exactly what the iOS is for! Answering those questions that we can't even formulate yet. Providing an (imperfect) framework to fill the vacuum we don't even know (but often feel!) exists.

To create an Operating System for any kind of "organization" that is truly self-learning, self-adapting. Like anything else in nature & in the Universe.

Why the iOS?

thoughts on what to include

  • Current way doesn't work -> meta-crisis

  • greedy corporations (high level of Mastery/excellence, no Purpose, no sense for the whole)

  • inefficient non-profits (high level of altruism, low level of mastery)

  • YES-AND (high level of Mastery/excellence AND good hear/intention)

How does the iOS work?

🟨⬜ How does the ios work? ⭐

what you'll find there:

  • overview elements + tree Metaphor

    • 4 Essentials
      → Transparency
      → Communication
      → learning Process
      → learning Mindset

    • 3 Principles
      → Purpose
      → Wholeness
      → Complexity-consciousness

    • 3x3 Domains
      → Structure (decision making + meetings + workflow)
      → Resources & Planning (Prioritization + information + compensation)
      → Mastery (Standard of Performance + pers. development + ...)

    • Meta-Rules
      → (1) Follow Defaults or Communicate you don't
      → (2) Remind other that don't follow + don't communicate (= RMD1)
      → (3) Raise awareness about group responsibility gap (other not giving RMD1's)

    • Vision
      → content of vision depending on group
      → BUT: necessary to have one at all!

  • world-view + human-view

🟩⬜️ World view⭐️
🟨⬜ Human view⭐

What does it build on?

  • Frederic Laloux: "Reinventing Organizations"

  • Aaron Dignan: "Brave New Work"

  • our own experiences from o4U + as football coaches + as human beings

Mixed together + added by the things that were missing + presented in a new framework.

All Models are wrong. Some are helpful.

Where to find more?

So far all the content regarding the iOS is only created/presented for internal use of our own 359-Team.
Feel free to check those articles out, keeping this in mind.

Start here:

🟨⬜ [iOS] essentials - overview 4 components⭐️



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