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Who this article is for...

  • internal team members

  • people that are interested in co-creating the PPF

  • everyone interested in how to "lead" groups of people in a new (organic) way

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To understand the iOS (iterating Operating System), it is necessary to understand the basic foundational principles it is based on. One could say it's essential to understand "The 4 Essentials".

So here are the videos to get a rough understanding of the 4 essentials (1st video) & how they interact with each other (2nd video):

The 4 Essentials - An Overview

How the Essentials interact with each other

Where to go Next

Check out the 4 Essentials in more detail (this will also lead you to the concrete actions to bring the essentials to life):

  1. Transparency model

  2. Learning process model

  3. learning mindset model

  4. communication model

Collection (to create content of later)

  • approach from 2² directions (+1)

    • this is very very small

  1. Big Why + goal iOS

  2. overview 4 components + why important

  3. interacting (= 4 videos)



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