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Who this article is for

  • Everyone interested in knowing about the unseen powers that guide my life

My virtues

  • What are they?

    • Love, Gratitude, Openness, Wholeness, Zest, Trust, Courage, Wisdom, Self-mastery

  • Why are they so important?

The virtue compass

I love to use the compass as a frame to hold my virtues present for myself.


Video explanation

Here's a short video explaining the above picture:

My Virtue Compass Meditation

Going through virtue compass (voice):

All virtue statements in the written version you can find here.

Collection of individual virtue articles

🟨⬜ Virtue - Love
🟨⬜ Virtue - Gratitude
🟨⬜ Virtue - Openness
🟨⬜ Virtue - (Blank)
🟨⬜ Virtue - Wholeness
🟨⬜ Virtue - Zest
🟨⬜ Virtue - Trust
🟨⬜ Virtue - Courage
🟨⬜ Virtue - Wisdom
🟨⬜ Virtue - Self mastery


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