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Who this article is for

  • potential Co-Creators of the PPF

  • potential heroes/beneficiaries

  • anyone else interested in the PPF

This Article (& especially the sub-pages) is quite "raw" yet and might be hard to understand at some points.
Although better than nothing, so here we are. πŸ™Œ

To make it more approachable we will (step by step) add...

  • Videos instead of memos

  • Graphics & Animations

  • written Texts (not only Keywords)

What is the People-Potential-Fund?

The idea in the short & misleading version:
Paying people to follow (or uncover) their Purpose in service to the world.

Still inconcrete but slightly less misleading:
Taking the excuse (money / "I can't because..." / etc.) away to support people to actually express their full potential in contribution to something bigger than themself, by supporting them with 3 major elements:

  • Wisdom (= theoretical Knowledge how to...)

  • Tools (= practical self-mastery to actually...)

  • Community (= accountability + inspiration)

More in the following article, that might contain more text or link to videos & memos that go deeper.

🟨🟨What is the People-Potential-Fund? ⭐

Why the PPF?

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive. Because what the world needs most is more people who have come alive.

– Howard Thurman

And even better: Figure out what makes you come alive & do it in the way that has the greatest overlap with what the world needs!

We're standing in front of the biggest crisis Humanity ever had, with countless social, political, environmental, etc. challenges (Daniel Schmachtenberger & Co call it the "Meta-Crisis").

Who's responsibility is it to solve (or rather tackle) them?
It's not only on a few people to step up & save the rest of humanity.
It's on all of us!

And even better (again):
All this does not have to come out of desperation (= "avoiding crises"), but can also come out of Inspiration!

In other words:
It's perfectly good where we are (otherwise we wouldn't be here anyways) AND we can create a future that is more aligned with life, with the Universe.
A future in which we are truly flourishing (not just "not depressed") as individuals & as a whole.

When is the time to do that (= take the next step to move into the direction)?
The answer is always: "NOW!"

More in the following article, that might contain more text or link to videos & memos that go deeper.

🟩⬜ Why the PPF?

How will it work?

Here we're getting into the danger of getting lost in detail.
How the PPF works is not something that is fast or easy to understand!

Why? Because it breaks with many of the paradigms we're currently holding (the same ones that lead us into the meta-crisis in the first place) and thereby makes a lot of groundwork "necessary" to understand it fully.

You can find more in the article & podcasts linked below, for now only a few snippets of how it WON'T work:

  • as a top-down "dominator hierarchy"

  • as something that pretends to know all the solutions (= is dogmatic / = is not open to other perspectives)

  • as something without a guiding star that is able to make clear decisions (= becoming a doormat / = letting others abuse it)

Instead, it will rather...

  • function like an Organism does (≙ the forest, an interconnected web of millions of facets)

  • be based on (individual & collective) Intuition

  • constantly evolve (like everything in the Universe)

Check out these articles to know more about the decision making process:

(Please right click and choose open in new tab to view the following links in a new tab)

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🟩⬜ How do you become a guide?
🟩⬜ How will we decide who receives funds as a hero?

What are the "players" involved?

  • Guides

  • heroes / creators / benificiaries

  • donors / investors

  • other (?)

Note: The following article has no content yet

⬜⬜ What are the different "Players" involved in the PPF?

What are the key building blocks of the PPF?

What else would be good to know for the start?

About the Wisdom & Mastery part

We won't reinvent the wheel here!
There are already countless books, podcasts & online-courses out there in the world about personal development.

A lot of them are even of good (theoretical) quality!
Less of them are truly practical.
Even less make the leap from personal to trans-personal development.

Our task here will not be so much to create everything again, but rather to be a really good filter for what's already there & then cooperate with them (eg. Heroic).


add the few things that are still missing out there (Welcome to our Intuition-Academy!).

So we might not reinvent the wheel, but we might (re-)invent the bicycle!
Taking everything that's already there (wheels, frames, tires) and adding a (new) handlebar, that is actually usable in a way that is aligned with ourselves & the Universe.

Check this link to know more - Intuition Academy Main article

About raising funds

Forget everything that you know about how funds are raised in this world! We're going to start from a place of "pre social conditioning", "pre learned scarcity", "pre-programming". Just press "delete all" or "reset" or whatever button you have for that.

If it only was that easy...

But you get my point. This is one of the areas where we will break with the current paradigm the most. If you come in with a certain understanding of how this works, there will most likely be some walls breaking down. De-construction comes before Re-construction.

To know more, check out this article that has a voice memo:

How will the PPF get its funding?

About the Process to create the PPF

  • different phases (1,2,3)

  • current phase = phase 0

Check this article to know about the phases in detail:

🟩⬜️ The Roadmap for the PPF Creation Process

About ...

How to contribute

As this Article is (at this stage) mainly written for people who are interested in making the People-Potential-Fund happen, here some final thoughts about that:

  • Energy (Inspiration/Enthusiasm) is there for a reason
    β†’ making use of it
    β†’ finding a good fit

  • Asking Questions
    β†’ the more (& better!) questions we collect, the more likely this will work (soon)

  • Being the Change
    β†’ always the #1

  • Connecting
    β†’ #1 asset = the people that are in
    β†’ every new connection = potentially gold
    β†’ different people at different phases
    β†’ Currently = Co-Creators + potential early Investors

  • Dive in Deeper (= interact with it)
    β†’ listening to Podcasts + reading articles that are already there
    β†’ will (likely) increase enthusiasm
    β†’ connections more likely to be "successful" (as they come from a deeper conviction/understanding)
    β†’ Questions will have higher quality

The way how to support will change in different phases. Check out this article to know about the different phases and the roles therein:

🟩⬜️ The Roadmap for the PPF Creation Process


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