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As a flower will flourish when embedded in healthy soil and nurtured by sun & water, so will the human being flourish when embedded in a healthy community and guided by purpose & selfless service.

Who this article is for...

  • David & Selina from Inla Kesh

  • other Communities & people that are interested in co-creating & co-living with me

This was written in April 2023 & is not yet updated to my current "search" in September 2023.
But 95% will stay the same anyways. :)


The Journey I'm currently on is about surrendering to the flow of life and listening to the calls of the Universe in order to express my Unique Self in greatest service to the world. πŸ™Œ

In January, the flow of life led my way to Valle de Bravo, Mexico.
Now, in March, the flow of life, leads my way somewhere else.
Where to? That's the question. πŸ™‚

Right now, I'm opening up to the different possibilities to feel into what resonates & what doesn't.

Three options come to mind:

  • Utopian-Version (total alignment in worldview + commitment)

  • Good to very good version (general alignment + synergies)

  • "Worst-Case" (only a place to stay + free time for my Purpose)

All three versions seem possible at the moment as you can't force to find a group/person with total alignment on command & as I don't want to travel (& especially fly!) a lot. So I might end up choosing the "worst-case" option to buy time for a Utopian or very good version to come into my life. πŸ‘Œ

Let's see where the tree of my life walks next. πŸ™‚

The Walking Tree (My Journey as a Metaphor)

I use the metaphor of nature a lot! It works basically for everything. πŸ™Œ
The same goes for the Journey I'm currently on.

Not necessary to listen to this, but it might give you a deeper understanding of me as a person. And stories (which metaphors are) just speak to another part of our being than rational explanations & logical concepts.

If the embedded video does not work, click here.

Utopian Version

The best case scenario:
I will come across a community (even if only 3-4 people) that are super aligned with my vision of the world & also how the future of community looks like when they function as a healthy organism (neither top-down structures nor everything is equal, which both doesn't exist in nature) + that are equally committed to making that happen. 😍

A community with a high level of Love, that doesn't draw the circle of intimacy only around their ingroup but rather around all human (& sentient) beings.
A community with a high level of openness, that embraces different perspectives rather than feeling attacked by them.
A community with a high level of trust, that allows people to contribute even in ways that don't seem obvious at first glance.

An example? How to deal with the basic things ("chores") that "have" to be done.
Fixed rules, contracts & obligations for the individual people? Or openness & trust in the collective consciousness to find adequate solutions over time?

A responsibility that nobody feels called to take on, is not NOBODY's responsibility, but EVERYBODY's!

Seems illusional? Seems like that can't work in a community, because people will misuse the freedom? Seems like a nice idea in theory but not possible in practice?

Well, that's exactly the point:
In the Utopian version I would meet people that DO believe that this is possible.


Just because something has not happened in the past, that does not mean it will not happen in the future.
- Gandhi

And from this foundation on we will even help each other flourish in our Unique Purpose...

My Purpose & Projects

There are two things that will help you most to understand who I am & how I see the world:
a) The "Modern-Day Gandhi" blog post
b) the "Vision of my life 3.0" video

Time stamps (of the vision video)

00:00 Welcome

00:43 Overview life 3.0
➑ Self-Actualize + Service + Community/Love

02:20 Community
➑ Where do I want to live? + With who?

03:19 Overview Service
➑ Foundation + Projects + Purpose

04:00 Purpose
➑ in one sentence
➑ "Being the Change" + virtues + pioneer
➑ consciousness development + Mindset + Intuition

06:44 Virtue compass
➑ Love + Trust + Openness

07:39 Eco-Village
➑ Flourish only because of the right environment

08:16 iOS (iterating Operating System)
➑ organism vs. machine

09:47 People-Potential-Fund
➑ pay people to live their purpose
➑ incl. Wisdom + Self-Mastery + Community

10:52 Intuition-Academy
➑ Ikigai (= overlap of ...)
1️⃣ people ask me about it 2️⃣ enlights a fire within 3️⃣ what the world needs

11:50 Foundation
➑ Website (+ Miro & FAQ)
➑ mailing list

12:41 Finances
➑ breaking (all) paradigms
➑ paying forward vs. paying back

14:22 Recap / end
➑ My individual way β€œto play my role well”

15:10 What's your role?

Work is love made visible.
- Khalil Gibran

I believe that's true & I believe that what we put our time & attention in (= our actions) speaks louder than our words.
You say you want a world that cares more about all people? Or about animals? Or about the environment? So what do you spend your day to day with? Are the actions aligned with the words?

Here is what I put my time & attention into:

🟩⬜ Intuition-Academy: Main Article ⭐⭐

To open the articles in a new Tab click here instead:

Very good version

The good to very good version does include some of the aspects mentioned in the Utopian version. πŸ™‚
And others not.

This might mean...

  • that it's only one person instead of a community.

  • there are still strict rules & obligations to be followed or I need to pay money to stay there

  • you live together & share resources but don't have additional high synergies when it comes to the individual's Purpose.

What a (very) good option for me does provide for sure is the following:
Space (to work + make Yoga) + Time (β†’ to actually work on the Projects) + Flexibility (to go with the flow). πŸ™Œ

As this sometimes sounds like someone who wants to do his own thing and will not interact with the people around, here one more paragraph addressing this:

For me it's the absolute contrary!
More flexibility = more flow = more efficient with projects = more time for interactions & support overall (only not in a certain fixed time slot).
Plus: More flow = higher frequency = higher quality of interactions

"Worst case" version

Here we are basically down to having a bed to sleep, food to eat, and a table to "work" (I don't consider any of this as work, but to keep it simple πŸ™‚).

Basically, anything that provides me with the space & time to invest my energy & attention in the projects, even if I need to pay rent for it.

Potential Problems

Text will follow

  • unclear (or unspoken) expectations

    • from my side
      β—½ having the freedom (space + time + flexibility) to work on projects
      β—½ openness for other perspectives (to hear/consider them, not to comply)
      β—½ no projection of own problems (intention vs. perfection)
      β—½ honoring my (and their own!) Purpose/missions
      β—½ sharing resources (intention to see all as one vs. separate)

    • from "host" = expectations on certain time & actions towards supporting their project?

  • different view on what is support

    • subtle support (energetic, emotional & spiritual) vs.
      β—½ pointing out blindspots + limiting beliefs + shadows

    • gross support (concrete "seeable" actions)
      β—½ prevention vs. reaction

    • (see extra article on "How I would like to support/contribute")


Text will follow

🟨⬜ How will you support when you stay with us?
  • Video on philosophy "Paying forward vs. paying back"
    -> really? (doubles with Modern-Day Gandhi blogpost)

  • What to expect from me? What I expect? (important!)

  • How I will support (important!)



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