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People-Potential-Fund & Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Sunday, 09:21 am, 5. March 2023
Valle de Bravo, Mexico

This time I will keep it pretty short here + mainly refer to other articles & etc.

Or actually: I will record a short intro video instead of a text. One moment...

What to find in this Update

  • PPF & other projects

  • Pictures of the Journey so far (Oct. - now)

  • personal Journal(s) made public

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For everyone who is interested in the Creation Process of the People-Potential-Fund, I recommend checking out this article first & foremost:

🟩⬜ People-Potential-Fund: Main Article ⭐⭐

To open it in a new Tab click here

In the article you will find everything you need/want to know about the PPF (either directly in it or as a referral to another article).
If not, please let me know!

One of the most valuable things we have to develop the PPF is the questions we receive. 🙂


The quality of our lives depends upon the quality of the questions we ask ourselves

And the same goes for the PPF of course...

other Projects

And the other projects are also moving forward.👌
The PPF basically brings them all together, as the iOS is the foundation of how we work as a Team in the PPF creation process as well as later on with all involved people. And the Intuition-Academy is our most important Add-On to all the things that are already out there regarding personal development. 🙌
Both are projects by itself AND are transcended & included by the PPF.

🟩⬜ Intuition-Academy: Main Article ⭐⭐
🟨⬜ iterating Operating System [iOS]: Main Article ⭐⭐


Again I'll make it easy for myself.
I will just link the Google Drive with the collected pictures, rather than linking them all separately. 🙂


private Journals

And finally, here are some voice journals I recorded last week.
Not directed at other people, but only intended for myself. But might be still interesting for some people to see what's going on within me, when I speak to myself (which I do multiple times a day). 🙌

  1. After a "moment of frustration" (= recorded 10 memos for the PPF & realized only then that the Mic was not working)
    = processing frustration & turning it into positive fuel 💪

  2. free PPF Journal (after the last PPF-call)

Outro: What's next

And everything that comes with it (Intuition-Academy + iOS + connecting to new people).

Plus, going deeper in my personal relationships (still focusing on having less people I'm in constant contact with, but rather waaay more depth) + improving the alignment/synchronisation with the 359-team.

Other than that, I still feel right here in Mexico & would predict that I will definitely stay another 2+ weeks.

So expect the next Newsletter in a few weeks from the same place, with the same alignment, but with way more things to share. 😍😍😍

Let's change the world,
Johannes 🤟


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