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Collections (of milestones)

There are too many influences at the same time, and they're all interacting. 

So where I'm right now is the product of all the conversations I ever had, all the books I ever read, all the podcasts I've ever listened to and the videos I watched, and it's all interacting with each other so there is no clear answer to that. 

But some more relevant keystones within this journey stood out a bit more than others.

  • First was the book Mindset by Carol Dweck which brought me onto the self-development journey

  • Second, stumbling over Optimize, which made it way faster and deeper and more connected. Then being a soccer coach.

  • Third, the death of my father in 2019 

  • Fourth, living together with Anselm and Elias and the start of o4U and all the experiences of the development with that

  • Fifth bonus one is in my travel. The decision to leave Friberg and going on a journey, meeting new people,etc

 If you want to know more details about each point, check out this document:

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