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Human view

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This basically comes out of the world view. Maybe it's not a total necessity to formulate like this but for me, it's in coherence with the world view.

🟩⬜️ World view⭐️

Two parts to the human view:

The first part is: all humans are at their core good hearted, whole and trustworthy. 

The second part is: all humans are fallible, which means we all make mistakes.

The first part

The first thing is the core. That's the most important part, we are “perfect”. Basically, there is no perfection, but in the paradox that there is no perfection and by realizing that it's already perfect.

Within our core we are perfect, we are this golden seed, or this god seed.

It’s all already there, and it's all good, it's all playing. It’s part of the bigger whole of the universe. 

And then around come layers and layers, and these layers might be dramas, conditioning, limiting beliefs. No one is free of those layers. But we are perfect at our core. It doesn't mean there is one perfect human being. It doesn't mean that there would be one human being always making the right decisions and the right choices. It doesn't mean that all our actions are good but it does mean that this core of perfection, this golden seed is within us and that's what we want to speak to. 

So you will see this expression in all the other projects as well, that we can either speak to the conditioning and all the false parts of ourselves or to this inner deepest core, and that's what we're trying to do. 

Another expression of what we are at our core is creativity. We are all inherently creative. We are all unique. We are all motivated. We are all inspired. We are all committed. We are all capable of making important decisions. We are worthy. They are all in our core, knowing that we don't express them all of the time because of the layers around them. 

The second part

So the second part: we all make mistakes out of this lower self. (Let's call it the higher self and the lower self)

We will make mistakes. We’ll never reach a point in this lifetime in this human expression of the universe to be perfect. That's not even what it is about. It’s not about perfection, it's about intention.

It’s about striving towards expressing as much as possible of our higher self of this golden core while realizing the paradox that we will never be perfect and that we will always have those “faults”. 

We can never understand the whole thing or grasp the universe even slightly, we think we know a lot. But we don't and that's fine. It's about this intention to move towards and speak to this inner golden part, which we will be trying to do with all those projects and how it expresses itself in those systems. Let's take the iOS as an example. All of those things are trying to create an environment where this inner golden seed can flourish and where those outer layers of conditioning, etc are losing their impact, their crib, their power over the golden seeds, which they usually have in normal society. 

Again, all human beings are at their core good hearted and whole and trustworthy.



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