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World view

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It’s a big topic broken down into three small points that are really important because they are the base, the foundation, of all the other projects and all other expressions. If you understand the worldview, then you will realise why, for example, the ios is in a certain way. It is why the People Potential Fund exists, and why the intuition academy has the weight it does, etc. So, how we work together basically go back to the world view and also the view on humans.. 

All models are wrong. Some are helpful.

1. All is one.

We are all part of one big whole. The worldview is based on how we are all interconnected. It's all one, the universe is all one. It's not that we can separate ourselves from each other. We are individual expressions. That's a part of the idea, too, but in the end, we are all one big organism. If you could look at one human being, humanity, earth, and the universe, it's all one. Of course with that comes (this will be expressed in all the projects) that we never act only for ourselves, but they always have consequences on the whole, so keeping that in mind is part of it all of this worldview and then of all its expressions. 

2. All parts are whole themselves.

Yes, we are all one, but we are not all the same. There are different expressions, and Ken Wilber thinks that our parts and wholes are both at the same time, like a cell is a whole at the same time as it is a part of the bigger organism, so my finger is a whole as it is a part of me as a human being. While I am only a part as well as, at the same time, part of the bigger organism, humanity or universe. That’s the paradox between being totally insignificant, a small part of a much larger whole, and being totally significant at the same time, being your own “whole” and being important within this larger picture. It also comes down to the fact that we are all unique expressions like individuals. We are individuals and at the same time, this comes out of a part of the worldview.

3. Change is the only constant.

So the worldview in this case, or the universal view, is that the universe is constantly evolving. Everything within the universe is expanding and renewing itself constantly. It also means we are never the same, we are a constantly changing part of the universe. We can't say “I am what I was five years ago” or even one minute ago, one second ago, because it's constantly changing. So to be in alignment with the universe, which is a universe of flow that is constantly changing, I need to be changing all the time. I can't be in alignment with the universe or be in an aesthetic state that was made once, and now it's done. No, it's a constant evolution, basically at the same speed as the universe is evolving as well. 

So now, when you've already heard about the view, you'll see how this is interconnected with all the projects because they're all based on intuition and flexibility, not on fixed rigid structures which wouldn't go with either of those things and also expressing as a whole person within the speaker concept of me being only a small part of the bigger whole, which brings us to another memo about people view or view of humans.

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