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Who this article is for…

  • People & communities who consider offering a space for me to stay/live for a certain time

  • People who consider co-creating projects with me (maybe because they received an invitation to do so from me)

  • People who want to connect me to other beings & organizations and try to get more clarity on what could feel aligned

Intro to this article

  • Some people might read this after asking me “How would you like to contribute to our cause?”
    This article might seem like I’m trying to avoid answering but the truth is that I cannot possibly answer the question(s) in any coherent way without this exact context.

  • I can sense that this will be one of the most important articles I have created so far, so I will try to put my heart & soul into it. 🙌
    Getting in touch with “the right people” might be the most essential thing for me and this article will play an important role in it.


“I can do things you cannot. You can do things I cannot. Together we can do great things.”

— Mother Teresa

Synergy will be the recurring theme of this article and actually become an overriding guiding principle of my whole life. Not focussing on outcome or creation, but on finding & creating ever higher levels of synergy, trusting that the exact right things are going to come out of it all by itself.

Synergy is what brings forth a human body that can breathe. A cell that respirates made up of molecules, none of which respirate.

Synergy is the result of diversity AND unification, vast differences AND symbiotic combinations across those differences. It’s more than just complexity, it is elegantly ordered complexity.

And that’s what I’m orienting towards. With every community I live with, every project I start, every relationship I deepen.
It means for me to deeply believe that there are always true win-win (-win) situations possible that benefit everyone.
It means that an interaction feels energizing & “right” for everyone involved (although not always comfortable & pleasant).

“Synergy does not mean giving up what we want. It means joining to co-create so each is able to receive ever more of what attracts us through joining rather than opposing.”

— Barbara Marx Hubbard

To go deeper into the topic of synergy (= the sum is greater than its parts) & emergence (What is that greater?) check out this absolutely beautiful campfire talk by Daniel Schmachtenberger. 😍 (https://civilizationemerging.com/media-old/emergence/)

Four Main Virtues

In the last months & years, I realized that I could pin back all situations in the past that “didn’t” work (= didn’t feel aligned & energizing) to those main four virtues:
If there is true alignment in those virtues, I have no doubt that “it will work”, that the relationship will flourish, no matter how concretely it will express.

But (and that’s an important but!) it can’t only be a theoretical alignment, a cognitive agreement with the virtues, an abstract idea. It actually needs to be practiced in real life, expressed through all daily actions, it needs to be embodied. The word I use for that: Integrity.

So basically I could say that the discernment to “evaluate” if it feels right to step into a relationship is fairly simple (but far from easy!) and involves only two questions:

  1. Do you intend to embody the same main virtues (however name you give them)?

  2. Do you actually embody those virtues with integrity?

The following four foundational virtues are the guiding stars for me, where I see no way around them.
And even though they are not rules, but orientations, they’re not only meant to be followed when it’s easy to do so. On the contrary, they are meant to guide our lives especially when it’s hard.

  • Loving those who hate you. Otherwise, can it really be true Love?

  • Staying open when the other person is “obviously wrong”. Otherwise, are we really truly open?

  • Trusting when it’s a risk to trust. Otherwise, can we really say it is trust at all?

Let’s go a bit deeper into what I mean by Love, Wholeness, Openness & Trust. 🙌


Love for me means serving a cause larger than oneself. Not focussing our attention on feeding our ego but truly “Being of Service” with our whole being.
“Work is Love made visible” Khalil Gibran famously said and I agree. And Gandhi would add “If it can’t be practiced in all areas of life, it’s of no practical value at all”.

This devotion to service (in small & big moments) is what I understand as Love.
Not that we will ever be perfect or never make any mistake. But we can always have the intention and then “grow in love” from there.

Those last two minutes of Wayne Dyer’s movie The Shift capture the essence pretty beautifully as well. 😍


Wholeness describes for me to bring in all of our being. The Light as well as the Dark. The strengths & potentials as well as the weaknesses & dangers. The visions & dreams as well as the fears, shadows & limiting beliefs.

It means celebrating both parts equally WHILE having clarity in which direction to orient towards, what to bring forth more in this lifetime.

I will go into more depth in the section “Divine Core & Limiting Layers” (see below)


Openness is the hardest for me to “define”, to put into coherent words that “make sense” for the mind.
Yet I can feel it immediately, even when I can’t always pinpoint it to something concrete.

It’s easier for me to approach it from what openness is NOT: It doesn’t mean to actually change your beliefs!
There is a difference between changing and being open to change.
You can easily change your opinion out of fear, guilt, or shame, out of an intention to protect some part of you, out of a closing heart rather than openness.
Equally, you can end up not changing your view while having truly been open to doing so when being confronted with a different perspective.

Openness is to CONSIDER that the other perspective is right, not to believe so blindly.
It is to hold the opportunity that I’m missing something important.
It is the realization that there is some truth in what the other person says, no matter how much that signal is surrounded by noise.


Trust might be seen as the other wing used to fly in combination with Openness, having Love guide the direction while needing the Whole plane to actually fly, including the “ugly parts” (like the exhaust).

Trusting myself to follow my own truth, after truly having considered opposing perspectives.
Trusting others to figure out their own truths, not needing to convince anyone or prove anything.
Trusting the Universe that it will bring up exactly the right situations for our flourishing + trusting ourselves to take them in and to learn from the moments when inevitably fall short.

Concretely it could express in the community context, to trust other people to decide themselves how they want to serve, not forcing a concrete way on them.
Speaking personally, I desire to be trusted in my commitment to serve the world, in whatever way that will express, be it via a lot of concrete actions in the community or less so, focussing more on serving the yet unborn children in a given moment.

As stated in the video, it’s not about blind trust and letting yourself be abused, but about “seeing trust” that tunes more into the energy & intention behind an action, rather than something objectively measurable.

I think it’s fair to say that any concrete pre-determined outcome can be considered the antidote to Openness & Trust, and by extension also to Wholeness & Love.

Communication = key to create synergy

Being open to all possibilities & trusting the right outcome to present itself requires (at least once multiple people are involved) a high level of communication. In particular, if there is a high diversity among those people who are trying to unify in a synergetic way

No pre-determined one-size-fits-all solution means there will be constant adaption, requiring constant synchronization. And communication is an imperfect (!) but important tool to do so.

Only when this kind of communication receives the attention (time & energy) it deserves, are we able to synchronize the diversity without taking it away, without replacing it with conformity, without putting constraints on the uniqueness of each person.

For me, this is big! Without truly prioritizing this (however, this expresses will look different from moment to moment) I don’t see how the (desired!) differences can be aligned synergetically. Again, intention vs. perfection.

The fact that some people are not reading this article because it’s too long, is important information to me, on how much creating true synergies is being prioritized. 🙌

Golden Core & Limiting Layers

Having laid this basic foundation, I feel ready to talk about what & how I want to contribute. 🙂
Even though we will stay in the abstract for a moment longer, as this following belief / “human-view” is key to understanding my contribution:

I believe that…
a) every (!) human being is divine at the core
b) we all managed to culminate a lot of layers around this golden core (limiting beliefs, fears, shadows) that impede our access to this divinity..

The way I feel most called to support (= bringing in my WHOLE being) mirrors those two points. Two of my greatest gifts that I wish to serve the world with are those:
a) Speaking to the divine core of people, by seeing & expressing visions & potential that the person (or group) didn’t have access to so far.
b) Shining the light of awareness on any blockages of this infinite potential, lovingly addressing the shadows & limiting beliefs that I apparently see more clearly than others.

On the surface level, those two ways seem very different. The first will lead to feelings of enthusiasm, inspiration & excitement. The second to anxiety, resistance & triggers.
On a deeper level, they both serve the same purpose though, helping others to express their full potential in greatest service to the whole.

I want to state clearly though, that not everyone is ready for that (well, at least for the second part).
Which doesn’t mean there is something wrong! It’s perfectly fine wherever we are. We’re all traveling a unique journey through this Game of Life and different people will be ready for different things at different times.

What it does mean though is, that it’s likely not a great synergy. Because either one person “has to” pretend they’re ready for something that they are not (which isn’t going to work anyways) or the other person “has to” hold back parts of their greatest gift, as a result not showing up fully with their whole life force.

Of course, the way I want to support is NOT limited to that!

It will also express in “hands-on” work on the ground. Although this will express as an addition to the greatest gifts, not as a replacement for them.

In combination with the points mentioned before it’s an extension of being of service, without them I will feel the dis-alignment (of not gifting my whole being) pretty soon.

Check out this article to see more concrete ways on how I see myself serving in any given environment (e.g. system-thinking + workshops + hands-on work).

I will trigger people…

Before I finish, I want to make this as explicit as possible.
There were many times, were people said they were aware this could happen, but then still were surprised (and sometimes angry or mad) that it happened.
Probably they were heavily underestimating how well my sensors work for feeling really subtle resistances that connect with deep-held beliefs & shadows if you follow them through.

It’s not that I’m trying to trigger people, but if I show up with my full being, not suppressing anything, then this gift to naturally sense dis-alignments, dis-integrities & limiting beliefs (even if I can’t always articulate the concrete thing) will automatically lead there.
As much as I can promise to not actively try to trigger other people, I can also promise that I will not avoid it, speaking up, when it feels right to do so, not conforming just because it’s more comfortable (for me or others) to do so.

I will conform with Truth, not with people.

Sometimes that happens to be the same, oftentimes it is not.

Just yesterday someone read my “Human Design” (I’m not really into that yet, so it was a fun exploration) and said that as a “Manifesting Generator” I will oftentimes intimidate people, even others who are generators themselves.

Whatever you think of Human Design, I can tell from my own experience that this is exactly what happens a lot of times in my life… 🙌

Concrete Examples

To wrap this article up, I collected the best example situations I could remember from the past that give a glimpse of what would be virtue-aligned & synergetic and what not.

I’m aware that people could use those examples to adapt their behavior in a way that seems aligned, in order to convince me. I decided to share them nevertheless, as I do trust myself sensing what it fake and what is true integrity.

I also know I will repel some people because of this upfrontness / directness, trusting though that it will repel exactly the right people and attract those who are meant to be attracted.

Five Examples

  • How does someone react when confronted with the perspective that (s)he isn’t as open as (s)he believes? Defending & explaining? Or receptive & being open to not being open?

  • How do people react when I’m sharing that I see a way of doing the things they currently do in a more loving way (= expressing more of its potential of service)? Do they feel judged & repelled? Or do they get excited & enthusiastic about being even more of service? Do they see it as an attack or as a gift?

  • Let’s say people trusted me to spend time & energy how I feel is right and it turns out I choose to not support a lot “on the ground” in a certain period of time. How do they react? Getting mad & frustrated and saying “it doesn’t work like that, we can’t trust you anymore.”, only trusting as long as it goes their way? Or trusting even (especially) when it doesn’t, also trusting themselves to speak up?
    And is the speaking up connected to a fixed idea of “making the other person behave a certain way” (which would not create synergy, but only hide the fact that it’s missing) or is the intention to synchronize more, maybe leading to the result to go separate ways, rather than manipulating the situation and stay in it?

  • How does someone react when (s)he makes a request (used in the “Nonviolent Communication” sense) and I say “No” to the request? Mad & annoyed? Or empathic & understanding, using it as an opportunity to understand the needs & desires of the other person more deeply?

  • How do people react when I share that (from my perspective) something isn’t in integrity, that they are (to some extent) only talking the talk, but not walking the walk? Do they try to defend themselves? Or do they become curious to explore what the other person might be seeing?

As you see, almost all situations go back to Openness, Integrity & the other virtues. How does one react when confronted with a (potential!) dis-integrity with any of the virtues? Open? Or closed?

This openness is regardless of the question if the addressed dis-integrity is actually one, or if it’s only a projection from my side (or whoever raised it). You very well might be coming to the conclusion that it is a projection, but with the openness I’m talking about it comes from a place of considering that it MIGHT BE true in the first place. Without that openness, you actually can’t truly make that conclusion at all, if you were never open for the opposite to be true.

Intention vs. Perfection (a recap)

With none of the things mentioned above it’s about perfection! It’s about intention. (I know I’m repeating myself, but I believe it’s so important that it’s totally worth repeating.)
We’re all human, we will never be perfect, we will always make mistakes. That’s just how it is. And that’s perfect. Imperfectly perfect.

Accepting this AND holding the perfect scenario as the guiding star, we will be able to learn from our mistakes & grow, saying something like:
“Ouh that wasn’t in true alignment with my virtues. That’s okay, it is what it is. How can I use it as an opportunity to find deeper alignment and be able to act from it the next time?

= Intention vs. Perfection.

The Intention for what? To create synergy.
How? Via virtue alignment in theory AND practice.
The key? Communication.

The whole article simplified into one model:

  • "Goal" = Synergy

  • Way = Virtue alignment
    → Theory (committed to same basic virtues?)

    → Practice (living in integrity with these virtues?)

  • Key = Communication

What’s next?

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  • Dive deeper into how concrete support could look like
    → check out this other FAQ


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