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Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has.

This so-called "Help-Center"/"FAQ-tool" has become the permanent replacement for my website (intuition359.com) and provides you with all relevant information, first impressions & further referrals. 🙌

Where to start?

Human beings are complex beings. So complex in fact that it is impossible to provide a full image of someone that is even closely accurate.
All that words & videos (and so on) can do, is to get as close as possible, to create a model that is wrong but helpful (to understand more about the person).

All Models are wrong. Some are helpful.

Understanding this, I've chosen to present a few puzzle pieces of the infinite parts that make up "my" being; the ones that seem to provide a bit tiny more clarity & insight than others.

What will follow in this article

Here are the things that I will go into a bit more depth (once you scroll further down) to give you a slight sense of who I am:

  1. An "in-progress" document about Owning my role, where I try to put into words the parts that I can see/sense about who the Universe asks me to be (& what to do).

  2. A blog article from late 2022 (which speaks from the depth of my heart)
    #"ModernDayGandhi"-Experiment; #2023Motto

  3. The FAQ article Synergetic Connections. It represents well the kind of people I want to get in touch with, which is the main purpose of my current journey (= organically attracting the right people).
    #Love; #Wholeness; #Openness; #Trust; #communication; #Intention vs. Perfection

And if you want to get super super personal then there is also this:

  1. My Close Friends Updates file, where I keep the people I feel closest to updated about my life, including both moments of inspiration & enthusiasm as well as moments of sadness, pain & crying (actually recorded & uploaded).
    #total transparency; #vulnerability; #wholeness; #behind the curtains

Owning My Role

This is the most raw of all the puzzle pieces I'm sharing, so it also feels the most vulnerable, especially putting it at the top of the list...
So.. that's exactly why I start with it (#pain sets me free).

Note that it is not only the content that feels vulnerable but also the fact that this is no finished article yet, but a private Google Doc in progress which I continuously edit & adapt.
If this is no problem for you then feel free to access it & skim around. Just be aware, that what you see in the doc might already change a day later. :)

Owning my role - in one (looong) sentence

My role in this life is to be a glimpse of the future; to clearly see/envision (a more beautiful world + pathways how to get there, including all obstacles), to joyfully explore (the true heights of the individual & collective human potential), to truly integrate (the theoretical truths & wisdom into an embodied being), to lovingly confront (and therefore become a trigger to many who are offended by how unapologetic I speak my truth & mirror their shadows & blindspots), and to organically lead (by being an authentic example that inspires others by serving as a mirror for their own greatness & divine core).

Click here to open the whole document in a new tab

"Modern Day Gandhi" Blog Article

Does it have to be so hard to serve the world with all your heart?

That's the name of the blog article (2,5 pages) I recommend starting with if you're really interested in me, my worldview & the direction I'm heading:



In the meantime, this blog evolved further into a complete article about the Experiment.
Click here to open it in a new tab (if you click the banner below it opens in this tab right here):

🟩⬜ "Modern-Day Gandhi" Experiment: Main Article ⭐⭐⭐

Synergetic Connections in Service to the World

When I started my "no home base" journey in October 2022 I set out to get in touch with "the right people", knowing that they exist, but not really knowing who they were and how to "find" them.

In the meantime, there is a lot more clarity on who those people are, or rather, what qualities they embody so that true synergy & symbioses are the natural by-product that feels energizing for everyone involved and has ripple effects to the people around & the whole world.

Click here to open it in a new tab (if you click the banner below it opens in this tab right here):

🟩⬜ Synergetic Connections in Service to the World ⭐⭐⭐

Next step: Finding out how to find them (or rather: how to open the gates & signposts so they can find me)

Close Friends Updates

Having failed with many attempts to start a "newsletter" to keep people updated about my life & journey, I decided at the end of 2023 to just focus on the people that are closest to me, sending them updates via text & (most of the time) voice recordings.

Yet, as there is nothing to hide, this document is accessible to everyone!

Especially interesting could be the big monthly recaps and all other recordings marked with one or more stars (⭐).

Click here to open the file in a new tab.

[old] A Letter to Charles Eisenstein

Sometimes there are moments when you have a deep inside and things become clear & (more) tangible that have been under the surface for weeks/months/years.
One of those moments occurred to me lately when I was reading an article by Charles Eisenstein & especially when reading one particular line:

My prayer in those years was, “Put me to good use.” I would say that to people of means. I would say it to medicine plants. I would say it to God. Please, please, please put me to good use.

As I could deeply relate to that, I wrote Charles this letter, which could also be really helpful for other people to understand me:



After listening to a Podcast from Daniel Schmachtenberger I had a moment of concrete clarity about exactly this longing to be "put to good use". I recorded a memo just after this, which you can access here:

IMPORTANT: "Getting in touch with Daniel Schmachtenberger"

More About Me

If you want to go even deeper into my mind, heart & soul, then this FAQ-Tool is the optimal place to be at. 👌

Just type in any keywords in the search bar that you're interested in or use the different categories to navigate through.

I recommend starting with this article

🟩🟩 How to best use this FAQ-Tool 😍
to then be ready to go exploring in the most efficient way. 🙌

Want to support?

The best way to support anything & anyone is always this:

Be your truest (unique) self!

Because if I don't (only) identify myself as my body (= small me), but rightly know that this body is only part of a bigger organism, a larger ME, then helping that larger ME to flourish by being your truest self is always (and only always!) the best way to also support the small me.

And... here are 3 ways to concretely support my unique expression of that "bigger me":

1️⃣ Support with your Attention

Everything will grow if you give it time & attention.

Your attention is probably the most valuable "asset" that you have (way more than any materialistic thing or concrete skill).

If you want to support my unique way & expression to serve life & the Universe, then regularly send us your attention. One way to do that: Signing up for the mailing list:

2️⃣ Support financially

More will follow here soon. 🙌
In case you want to financially support already (without much more information/context), feel free to use this site:

3️⃣ Support with your time

More will follow here soon. 🙌

  • most valuable support

  • When moving from the Story of Separation to the Story of Interbeing, nothing is independent anymore.
    The things "I" work on are intrinsically interconnected with other people, not only the projects (People-Potential-Fund, Intuition-Academy, evolutionary community) where it is obvious but also the things that seem like "my private life".

  • list a few examples (helping create these articles + creating synergies + translating English - German)
    + link to go deeper (more options + more details)

Appendix (internal)

Improving this article (things to add/change in next iteration)

  • meaning of "359"

  • integrate Updates as "new normal"


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