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Who is this Article for...

  • Ansi, Elias & Laura (+ Manu, Dave & other potential people for my inner circle)

  • anyone who is interested in the idea

The goal of this article is to "create" 2nd level inspiration.

= Inspiration that doesn't come out of an illusion (not seeing the problems/challenges, but only thy positive), but out of the facing of reality as it is AND still seeing how it could be.

What is the inner circle?

  • next level relationship

  • Organism

  • seeing yourself as one with the other, no separation

  • at least that goes for the JFK inner circle

Why the inner circle?

  • more potential actualized

  • synergies huge if no thinking in separation

    • enough money in circle, just not with one person

    • enough time & attention in circle, just not for one person

    • enough wisdom in circle, just not in one person

  • Universe = evolution

    • we can't say what will emerge, but we can say that if relationships stay the same, then they are not aligned with the universal flow of life

How does it work?

  • your vision = my vision
    your problems = my problems

  • time & attention

  • proactive AND reactive

  • 100% responsibility

  • other resources (financially as well)

  • commitment & Accountability
    + commitment to commitments

  • systems

  • iOS

  • intention vs. perfection
    + capacity

  • Extremism

    • total transparency

    • radical relating

    • absolute accountability

    • outright ownership

Intention vs. Perfection

Anything shared in the following sections does not have to actually be(come) exactly like that. It's not about perfection!

But it is about intention! So everything after that MUST be the vision, the common goal, the guiding star that we move towards.
Not in the illusion of actually ever reaching it, but in the knowing that moving in the direction itself leads to more alignment with the Universe.

The question will never be "Can we do it like this?" but rather "How can we move one step more in this direction?".
Accordingly, the "success" of the inner circle will never be judged by concrete (non-)actions (= the result) but rather by the intention behind whatever the (non-)action was (= the process).

Your Vision = My Vision
Your Problem = My Problem

If I could use only one example to explain my vision of the inner circle, than it would be this one:

If you are in my inner circle then I commit to your visions of your life as much as to my own.

This then means automatically that I will invest time & attention towards your dreams, as well as other resources & my general life force.

Different roles

Committing to your vision as my own does not mean that I AM YOU.
It does not mean I do the project (or any other thing) for you or instead of you.

My role might be instead to support you emotionally or spiritually, maybe even to challenge you to do something without help & to let you know when I feel you're avoiding your own 100% responsibility by asking for my support.
What it does mean is that I play my role (whatever it is) as good is I can, that I commit fully to giving my best!

Of course equally important as committing fully to the vision & moving towards that what can be, is to also commit to dealing with that what is right now (# reality).
= You don't have to deal with your obstacles, challenges & problems yourself! They're mine as much as they're yours!

Again: That doesn't mean I will solve them for you!
My role might be "only" to motivate you / hold you accountable / give advice.
But whatever role feels right in the specific situation, I commit to take 100% responsibility for it!

Intention vs. Perfection

As always, it's not about any concrete outcome. This could even mean that one decides to not support at all in a certain situation.
What it does mean though, is to consider it truly. And to take full responsibility for the decision (#transparency, #communication).

Time & Attention

  • Integrity = theory -> practice

    • can't say something is important to me + not spend time on it

    • everything grows with time & attention

  • Concrete example / Default

    • 1x call/week

    • 1dw block/week reserved for other person (e.g. Journaling)

    • reading / listening to Updates of other person
      -> e.g. JFK reads o4U-diaries from Ansi

Intention vs. Perfection

  • other priorities (e.g. fix job)

  • Q: Intention to design life in a way that it is possible?
    -> moving towards more flexible job o.e.
    -> over years, but always with intention

Re-active & pro-active

  • not just being there for someone when (s)he "needs" it

    • also in a way that prevents that (s)he doesn't need it in the first place

    • inspiration vs. desperation

  • Reactive Examples

    • other person feels bad / is in inner struggle + I take time to support

    • other person needs/wants someone to talk + I take time to call

    • other person has a problem + I take take to solve/support

  • Proactive examples

    • I take time for calls even if they are not "needed" / urgent

    • I take time to Journal about how to support the other person better, even if (s)he get's along perfectly right now

    • I journal & speak up about blindspots, shadows & co, even at times when they don't seem to be active / causing problems

Intention vs. Perfection

  • no fix rule (times spent + journals made + etc)

  • intention to give proactive at least as much attention as reactive support (rather 3-5x more)

Systems, iOS & Co

  • Supporting base for synergies

    • no end in itself

    • use it as long as it supports mutual synergies & support
      stop using, if it does not

  • Intention to find Yes & solutions

    • most systems have the capacity to support

    • most likely reason for not being supportive is not in the system, but in the resistance against it

    • if resistance is gone it suddenly becomes useful (maybe in an iterated, improved version)

  • iOS = base

    • other person of my circle needs to understand + commit to
      (intention vs. perfection)

    • will have different expression than with o4U / 359-team / etc.
      -> maybe weekly message check vs. daily

    • principles stay the same (transparency + communication + etc)

  • Seeing the potential vs. seeing the problem vs. both

    • most of the times systems come with "negatives" (e.g. time invest), but usually that's only a problem in the beginning when the value of it doesn't come forth yet

    • compare U of Hero's Journey
      -> don't avoid going down, just because you see the dark more clearly than the light

Intention vs. Perfection

  • it's ok to have resistances

  • it's ok to not use certain systems at a certain time (but find other, temporary solutions or leave them out completely) because of these resistances

  • it's not ok to accept that state as the normal

  • it's not ok to not give your best to work at the resistances so that we can make more use of certain systems in the future

100% responsibility

  • compare part with your vision = my vision

  • taking 100% for own life + other's life
    -> rather: own actions towards the other person's life
    -> intention vs. perfection

  • If I take 100% responsibility I don't take it as an excuse that the other person has not ("I would have..., but you didn't do your part yourself.""
    -> 100% resp. = speaking up about that once you think that (not only when you get confronted)

Intention vs. Perfection

  • It will happen that our lower selfs take over + we make excuses + etc.

  • Relevant = Do I accept that as the normal state for the future or do I work on myself, so the lower self takes over less (not never) in the future

  • 100% responsibility can never be fully reached (enjoy the gap 🙂), but it can always be the guiding star

other resources (financially as well)

  • if we would truly see each other as one, there would be total sharing of resources
    -> intention vs. perfection

  • time & attention = most important
    -> other things grow out of it

  • material resources (Furniture + clothes + ...)

  • money

  • connections (= basically sharing your trust)

Intention vs. Perfection

  • moving closer towards that direction (vs. implementing it now)

  • in 6 months should be more mutual sharing than now, in 12 months more than in 6, and so on

Commitment + Accountability

  • commitment vs. interest

    • JFK inner circle = highest imaginable standard

    • doesn't work with just "nice, I'm interested"

    • true commitment needed = own commitment

  • commitments to other person's commitments

    • compare "your vision = my vision" + "100% responsibility"

  • true commitment = I want others to hold me accountable

    • in this case = multiple layer -> Example:

      • JFK has personal commitments (life 3.0) = want's to be held accountable by XX of inner circle

      • XX commits to commitments = to hold JFK accountable
        + want's to be hold accountable him/herself for that

      • JFK holds XX accountable for holding him accountable

      • and so on

Intention vs. Perfection

  • XX will forget to hold JFK accountable

  • JFK will forget to hold XX accountable for that

  • both will not hold each other accountable out of fear o.e.

Important = accept that as reality once it HAS happened, but not as the guiding star which we want to move toward
-> use as a learning opportunity to grow


  • total transparency

  • radical relating

  • absolute accountability

  • outright ownership

Intention vs. Perfection

  • all are guiding stares to show direction, no distant shores to actually reach

Two-Way Street

  • goes in both ways

    • it's not just JFK asking for support + never giving

    • but it's also not about actually giving the same support (but about consideration + openness for it)

  • expression in action will change over time

    • different stages of personal development

    • different life circumstances

    • different personal moodes/states -> superficial waves

Intention vs. Perfection

  • ok if one person has a higher capacity to actually support than the other -> intention/direction matters

  • reality can be different, guiding star must be the same


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