🟨⬜ [internal] What to do, when I don't know which task I can do?

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If you know, what to do, just do it.

  • if we never make mistakes, we don't get anywhere

  • you can always ask others for advice (but if that holds them back doing something, better just go for it)


A common tasks backlog for the team with open tasks you can choose to help with:


Other options:

Option 1: Journaling

take paper & pen and journal about what you could be doing or how we could improve the system, so we have more clarity on what we can do on any time.

Option 2: Optimize

Do an Optimize-Masterclass
It's always worth sharpening your (soft-) skills.

If you can't decide which, then follow this list one after another:

  1. Productivity 101

  2. Optimizing Algorithms 101

  3. Journaling 101

  4. Masterpiece Days 101

  5. Purpose 101

Option 3: Research

like in the Trial project.

If you can't decide between the three...

Then follow this step by step process:

  1. 30-min Journaling on
    "How to improve the system"

  2. 30-min Journaling on
    "What could I do next to move us forward?"

Just continue here, if you still have no clarity yourself on what to do.

  1. Do an Optimize Masterclass (see above)
    = 60-90 mins

  2. 30-min Journaling
    (free, without topic)

  3. Research people


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