🟨⬜ [iOS] communication - concrete actions

Who this article is for...

  • new team members (Onboarding)

  • existing team members

  • anyone who is interested in our Operating System

Note: This article is not finished yet!
You can read the collection of thoughts below, which could appear in the article once it is finished.

Essential actions

= non-negotiable

1st person

🟨❌ [iOS] CDD
🟨❌ [iOS] mutual terms (tagging)

2nd person

🟨❌ [iOS] Answering
🟨❌ [iOS] Express irritations

3rd person

🟨❌ [iOS] RMD1 + RMD2

Mastery actions

= to make full use of potential (not important at the beginning)

1st person

  • Structure

  • I-messages

2nd person

  • "I understand that what you are saying is..."
    → checking in if understood properly before moving on with own answer

  • time reliability with answering
    → What time frame is expected?

3rd person

  • thumbsUp always when you read a thread / message
    → even if not actively involved
    → making it transparent to others, that you're following

Collection (to create content of later)



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